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Redox OS Release 0.4.1 (github.com)
39 points by jackpot51 on Apr 1, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

I hate the internet today.

You hate that people experiment with numerous layers of the stack and reinvent old systems as an act of love and appreciation for all of us for free?

I'm curious what you mean here. You want original SysV? Or you mean their website sucks? We sucks for encouraging either?

Sigh. I'm guessing it's April fools and I should have waited for the tab in Firefox. I did this to myself. You don't even Fools pages, just links.

This was true experimentation into the limits of Redox customization, certainly just as an Easter present.


Notable changes:

Standardized resolution Improved color scheme Improved terminal font Beautiful /etc/issue artwork Beneficial sound effects, for improved touch typing Efficient, automatic shell chooser Removal of networking, for security Removal of window manager, for efficiency Removal of ACPI features, for simplicity Increased CPU usage Increased ISO size Known issues:


First I thought you are trolling. Then I saw they are trolling. Well played!

Urgh. Too lazy to try to format it properly.

I hope I can use firefox on Redox oneday.

Yes, one day. Netsurf is working on Redox now.

Really surprised it is not using Servo.

That said, i really wish Netsurf would polish the SDL variant more as it seems to be more forgiving to get going than trying to get it to agree with GTK...

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