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and why offer the false sense of security?

if they upload a private key, and delete because they "don't want a third party to have". do you also guarantee it wasn't seen or cached anywhere else? I dont know the details of that product, but I usually treat anything uploaded even once as compromised from that point on.

This is the same argument people used to make for why it was fine for capabilities to be unrevocable--someone could have copied the data anyway (or whatever) so there was no point in revoking it. In reality, most of the time nobody but the host of a deleted item has access to the data, has a way to tie it to the originator, and has a motive to use it, especially without significant effort. Being able to delete things is a very important feature (not to mention a legal requirement in many countries!), and it's disturbing to me how many people seem to want to justify a world where every bit of data is saved, forever.

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