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Unfortunately there will be no prizes for having been right all along.

Even now, as facebook is burning, statements of how one has quit or will be quitting facebook get swept into the pile of incendiary indignation, with encouragement from all sides.

But never having used facebook, even at significant personal effort as you indicate, one is relegated from "elitist" before to "smug" now.

One day in the future a recruiter will ask why there's nothing about you on the Internet, and you will proudly be able to say: "Because I know the Internet and its dynamics that well" and they will hire you, in awe of your analytical foresight.

That's the dream anyway, because you're more likely to be reported for being suspicious. After facebook there will be another facebook, and another, and people will flock to them just the same, and you get to experience being an antisocial hermit all over again.

Now I made myself sad. "Social Media: even more depressing when you're not on them!"

> Unfortunately there will be no prizes for having been right all along.

Except not having your racy pictures in Facebook's media archive.

What about the option where people return to messaging applications for private matters and keep a Tweetbookdin for public persona ?

Facebook is burning. Lol. They suffer a minor setback and they're "burning". Right now there is not much of alternative to facebook, it will be just fine.

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