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I agree with you.

At Facebook-scale the data is massive -- far bigger than anyone here could possibly comprehend and that includes the Facebook and Google-ers lurking around.

Data has incredible inertia. And when there's a lot of it, in a lot of different places, I can imagine that it becomes very difficult to keep track of.

I'm glad that Facebook's data export tool included some things that maybe it didn't expect to.

>I can imagine that it becomes very difficult to keep track of.

The GDPR prompted them to make the data resurface, so it's not impossible to track this data given a few months of warning. It's just that Facebook as a company does not have an interest in deleting data they collected.

No - we've had the download your info feature since 2010 (https://techcrunch.com/2010/10/06/facebook-now-allows-you-to...). There is just a lot more public scrutiny now of what's in there - which found this bug.

If it’s too hard to do properly maybe they shouldn’t be doing it /shrug

Can't understand why you're downvoted. If you can't handle the data you collect, maybe you should collect that data in the first place? Or invest in technology, hire more engineers to handle the data you collected?

Don’t allow users to delete things?

Don't gather data you can't manage it ethically.

Facebook has a responsibility to protect user data they have collected, and if they can't then they shouldn't.

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