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No Linux support yet (https://1password.com/downloads).

They recently introduced a 1st-party CLI that supports Linux:



However their official CLI sadly only supports interactions with the subscription service. If you are using local vaults then there are still open source CLIs for Linux:

https://github.com/latkin/1poshword (disclaimer: my project)


They have a new Chrome extension, 1Password X (Beta) which works as standalone. Only downside is it's only available for Chrome at the moment.



That's great, thank you!

Issues I faced immediately after installing it:

* Entering username/password and choosing the "Save in 1Password" option complains about not being able to reach server.

* Clicking on the extension icon and choosing New Item only shows a spinning wheel.

I'll try again when it's officially released but thanks again.

EDIT: Sent an email to their support detailing the issues.

Their 1Password X is excellent. I've been using it on a chromebook for a few months now. Chromebook does run linux, so it should work for you too.

I think it's basically the ideal place for 1Password to be running. It's hard for malware authors to infect the chromebook with stuff like keyloggers etc. I bought the chromebook for the sole purpose of managing financial transactions -- accessing investment/bank websites etc.

I've been testing their beta version for Firefox and it looks really good. I would expect it to come out soon.

You can sign up here: https://agilemail.createsend.com/h/r/0D6ED375D55C4CF1

There is an open-source linux client that works reasonably well, at least for retrieving passwords.


I use the windows 1Password 4 client through wine.

Unfortunately the 1Password 7 beta uses some APIs not supported by mono (yet?).

+1. Using 1Password v4 via Wine for years. Works reasonably well.

They do have a Chrome extension since about 6 months which works pretty well and appears to be improving rapidly.

Hah, that was going to be my first question.

So my entire dev environment is out.

I still use it on Linux through the chrome app, but I have to open chrome every time I do instead of staying in Firefox.

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