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Please forgive me for my rant:

Building Swift from source is a big pain in the *. I tried to build it on a shabby VPS running CentOS 7, which is not of my choice but because it was discounted. I had to setup 6GB of swap file to avoid OOM, and then found the intermediate files filled up the disk. Why does LLVM needs so much space to build?

In my experience building LLVM (not for Swift though), it depends on your make -j switch. With -j 16 I would run out of memory quickly (32 GB RAM, 16 GB swap), with -j 1 it would be quite conservative memory-wise, but take hours to build.

So I switched to ninja (cmake -G Ninja). It can use all the cores and not run out of memory.

I actually had to build LLVM last week, so I feel your pain. I ran it on my Mac, thankfully, but I accidentally built in debug mode and ended up a 25 GB build folder. Turning on release mode and -Os brought it down to two or three gigabytes.

After installing Xcode and stuff, on my MacBook Pro, there is usually less than 10GB free space. I have to delete and purge up and down till ~14GB for sure every time Xcode gets updated.

If you’re looking to clean some space, I recommend checking out ~/Library/Developer/Xcode. Among other things, Xcode stores device symbols for every iOS device you’ve ever connected to your Mac here. You might be able to clean out a couple gigabytes.

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