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Interesting. I'm surprised not have seen more user contributed libraries for server side Swift that work around this, and the (mentioned below) lack of libraries, like ready made web server implementations. I viewed the apple fan club as more ambitious in the past. To be fair, I have zero experience in the Mac/iPhone area.

I had assumed zealous iPhone devs would want a homogenous environment where the client and server used the same rough codebase and libraries. Kind of like the node.js crowd, which I'm equally inexperienced with.

Apple working on an HTTP server library called swift-nio-http2 [1] that they say is "coming soon", so I would wait for that before using swift on the server side.

[1] https://github.com/apple/swift-nio

There are many. There’s even an “official” one, SwiftNIO, that was released recently.

Ahh, okay. Fairly niche, I assume? I'm pretty religious about following HN and other tech news feeds, but have never heard of "Swift NIO". While, on the other hand, I've heard tons about node.js and Golang developments, even though I'm equally inexperienced with those.

Feels like Swift afficiciandos aren't quite as good at PR as their base competition.

I'm basically still back in the jQuery, Python/Django, Ruby/Rails, Tomcat/Java/Spring, PHP/Laravel, space. I understand the comparisons and tradeoffs with those. So, perhaps, I'm fairly agnostic about what's "hot" and "popular".

> Fairly niche, I assume?

I really have no idea, since I haven’t used it. It is very new though.

> Feels like Swift afficiciandos aren't quite as good at PR as their base competition.

I guess the issue here is that very few people have even heard of using Swift for server-side development.

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