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raises hand we're using them extensively. They're our database of choice that we've paired with Nakama[1] which is an open-source, distributed server. Have nothing but great things to say about the database itself in terms of growing performance and the team behind it :). They've been great to us since day-1.

[1] github.com/heroiclabs/nakama

What kind of workload are you using it for? What's been your biggest win while using it?

A couple of our use-cases include: good KV access (stored user data etc.) and listing blocks of data that has been pre-sorted on disk at insert time (leaderboard records, chat message history etc.). As well, the clustering technology is particularly useful at scale. We work in the games space with some very large games in production, which allows us to spread the load across multiple database nodes and offers us peace of mind regarding redundancy.

What do you mean by KV access isn't it a relational data store? do you store the value as a blog? json? if so how do you then do queries on that value's values?

IIRC it's a KV store which offer a relational data store interface for usability/compability

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