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>I can't see serious engineers working on a company named "Cockroach".

You used to work at a company called Yammer <rolls eyes>. God forbid they're not called tech.ai.io-ify.

I think it's really funny that this comes up almost every time there's a post about CockroachDB. There were also a lot of people commenting on https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16693253 about foul language and such. I also remember being at a big conference and one of the speakers being a little cavalier and dropping an obscenity for emphasis - in the meetup comments people were so deeply offended. And let's not forget people's constant flagellation around brainfuck.

Make no mistake: this is the flavor of conservatism and hypocrisy that tech is home to: pretend to be liberally minded but lash out whenever something is just slightly divergent.

Please don't bring in someone's personal details as ammunition in an argument. That breaks HN's civility rule.


On that note how would I go about deleting all my comments without associating them with an email? (not keen on sending you an email). If you can, please delete all my comments

People have been complaining about "The GIMP" for literally decades... (edit: in case this isn't clear, Spencer Kimball, the CEO of CockroachLabs, also created "The GIMP" at Berkeley).

Sadly, names do matter. Cockroach seems to be a great DB from my poking at it, but there's definitely a visceral reaction some people have to the name (myself included) that has to be overcome first.

True enough. It's a really bad name.

On the other hand, someone would have to be astonishingly thick (or at best cavalier about their business) to take that seriously into account when deciding whether or not to use it.

They need a cute mascot, with a name. Then when people go "ew, it has a bug in it's name !!1!" we can say, "Aw, what's wrong with bugs? You're making Ricky cry."

I don't think its just that it has a bug in its name. I would venture to guess that if the name was Wasp DB, this issue wouldn't exist. It has more to do with the disgust trigger that many people have when they think of cockroaches.

Ricky can't help that he was born a cockroach. :(

Maybe it's strategic and the eventual not-free commercially supported version will have a more palatable name?

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