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I dont like when companies are not transparent about the pricing of their product. If you have a price page, show the price, so that Í can decide if this is relevant for me or not ...

It's not relevant to you.

Enterprise pricing generally basically scales with the size of your company/budget and how much trouble they think you'll be worth as a customer.

As a rule of thumb, it starts at just above 1000 USD per unit, and goes up from there.

Many contracts are bespoke orders especially when you're dealing with a small company, so you can't have transparency since there isn't a single product.

I would usually agree with you, but cockroach is so new, I doubt they have any type of fixed price. They probably work it out on a 1-by-1 basis.

The only thing the Enterprise offering gives you is priority access.

Enterprise allows access to various features like distributed backup and restore.

Ah, my mistake. I stand corrected.

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