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That's unfortunate, but I hope your post isn't suggesting they shouldn't have named their product as they did.

Should people who don't like large numbers not use Google? Should people who fear fire not use Firebase? Should people who don't like coffee not use Java? Moreover, should those people suggest the names be changed due to their phobia?

We could number all database servers. Server 1, Server 2, Server 3, Server 4... but 4 is unlucky in China, so we can't use that.

Almost no one fears coffee or large numbers in the same way people fear cockroaches and fire also doesn't generally elicit near the same reaction (there are even types of fires that people react positively to, like camp fires, and many people like the smell of fire). They are allowed to name it whatever they want but it's hard to imagine a name with more negative feelings associated without getting vulgar or ridiculous.

Are there people or cultures who have a fondness for cockroaches?


No not at all im just giving my feedback of why I couldn’t use a great product sadly due to my phobia suffering from its name that many ppl might face the same but don’t bother to give feedbacks.

(PS: Yes if your target customers are Chinese you should avoid using number 4 especially in real estate)

I think it depends on on how common the negative sentiment is. VomitDB anyone?

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