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That's unfortunate, but I hope your post isn't suggesting they shouldn't have named their product as they did.

Should people who don't like large numbers not use Google? Should people who fear fire not use Firebase? Should people who don't like coffee not use Java? Moreover, should those people suggest the names be changed due to their phobia?

We could number all database servers. Server 1, Server 2, Server 3, Server 4... but 4 is unlucky in China, so we can't use that.

Almost no one fears coffee or large numbers in the same way people fear cockroaches and fire also doesn't generally elicit near the same reaction (there are even types of fires that people react positively to, like camp fires, and many people like the smell of fire). They are allowed to name it whatever they want but it's hard to imagine a name with more negative feelings associated without getting vulgar or ridiculous.

Are there people or cultures who have a fondness for cockroaches?


No not at all im just giving my feedback of why I couldn’t use a great product sadly due to my phobia suffering from its name that many ppl might face the same but don’t bother to give feedbacks.

(PS: Yes if your target customers are Chinese you should avoid using number 4 especially in real estate)

I think it depends on on how common the negative sentiment is. VomitDB anyone?

Just so you know, it’s possible to overcome a phobia. In fact my startup Fearless helps people to just that, using VR. We have a module for cockroaches specifically. It goes very gradually, starting with a cartoon drawing, and progresses at your own pace. If you’re interested, http://FearlessVR.com

Also, I understand your complaint about the name, as I’ve encountered many, many people with all sorts of phobias at varying levels of extremity. It’s more common than most people think.

On behalf of everyone else who puts up with this constant repeated BS for every story about CockroachDB, we get it. Now shut up already and move on. I am one of the downvoters because at this point literally NO ONE cares about your complaint and this constant background whine contributes nothing. If you can't get over the name of a product then just keep it to yourself.

You have a pretty extreme phobia if just seeing the word used for naming the thing that you're afraid of, is a problem for you.

I share your sentiment on its name..

Granted, phobias are no fun and can be debilitating but seeing as the product has been around for 3 yrs, I don't think they have any plans on renaming it.

Quick question, and don't take it the wrong way as I am truly trying to understand the extend of your commitment of not using it, but what if you were to receive a once in a lifetime job offer and after you start the team decided to switch to this database, would you quit? Your not physically working with any cockroaches so does the phobia extend to even just hearing and/or saying the term? Thx

Yes just hearing or reading the word “cockcroach” gives me a cringe. I tried to google the word “cockroach phobia” just now and damn google shows a bunch of cockroach images that made me press back button immediately and couldn’t read a damn thing.

Im not sure what will happened to my job but given an equal choice i would choose alternatives, job or database.

Why don't you just write a browser script extension to edit out your trigger word? It might be easier than expecting a database company to change the name of what they make.

I like this idea, I wonder if other individuals with similar phobias would benefit from it. Wasn't there one, or perhaps multiple ones, to change variations of Trumps name at one point?

It can also be called CRDB.

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