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For the inevitable curiosity, apparently these run in [at least] the $350,000 range. It's never cheap to hit 0-60 in 3.7s or less.


Thats an article from 2002. The late model Zondas are different beasts. Probably near 7 figure price tags. Its in the same class as the Ferrari Enzo and Bugatti Veyron. The first 09 Zonda Cinque, sold for about $2Million US. And the Zonda F clubsport is in the $650,000+ range.

It's one of my favorite cars, and its beautifully engineered. Kudos to DHH. I've read he's an avid autocrosser so its nice to know this isn't a going to be a show piece.

Its proof that it pays to be long-term greedy.

Yeah, and actually this is a custom job that's made up of the "best bits" of two other customer jobs, so you can bet the HH is probably a fair amount more than that.


Not as expensive as I thought, actually. Especially when the title is "custom supercar".

Well that was the production model, so it's at least $350k. All depends on how custom it is.

Most supercars are basically hand-made and built to order anyways, so a custom version isn't quite as financially burdensome as it would be for a mass-produced vehicle.

If you're looking for value, the $75k Corvette Z06 can accelerate that quickly.


Yeah, but it's a Corvette.

or if you don't want a Corvette, get a caterham or another 7-series based car

they flyyyyyyyyyyyyy (had one, almost died many times)

Eh, thing is, if you've ever had a nice motorcycle, there is just not a single car in the world whose acceleration will impress you, it doesn't matter the horsepower or the price tag. It's just a physics thing. :)

It's never cheap to hit 0-60 in 3.7s or less.

My Kawasaki 650R does 0-60 in about 3.8. I paid less than $10k for it. The ZX-6R can do it in about 3.1s. A Ducati 1098 will do it under 3s.

ok, but you're comparing the acceleration time of a 2700lb car to that of a 400lb bike. a $50k ariel atom or caterham r500 can do 0-60 in under 3 seconds but each only weighs about 1100lbs.

nobody is buying a pagani zonda to drag race between stoplights.

That's not _that_ bad. I was thinking seven figures at least. I hope he doesn't bring it to Chicago though.

I saw a Lotus Elise a few weeks back and winced thinking about our +20" pot-holes.

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