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For a guy running a "lifestyle" business, he's doing pretty good...

Yeah, if this is what founding a "dipshit company" or a "lifestyle business" earns you, count me in.

DHH has a lot of critics, but remarkably few of them drive supercars.

drives is a supercar is not a measure of being right

as the post mentioned, a lot of despots and autocrats have supercars, and their opponents are peasants. who is right?

Dipshit company refers to flippables, not this.

By that analogy, you'd have to be a mass murderer to criticize Hitler. ;)

Um, I suppose if you were trying to argue about how to best murder an entire race of people you would.

Hey don't look at me, it's your analogy after all.

yes he has. My son has been asking me why I don't have a Zonda. He is 6. I asked him to help by learning python turtle. Can't start them too young.

You could tell him the article has a typo and it's a Honda.

You think your son can make that much money coding? what opportunities do you see for him? Source them and take a commission, mid two digits, really :-)

I assume he meant for a startup :)

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