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... Am I the only one that thinks it looks hideous?

No. After careful examination, I have concluded that it is, in fact, abominable.

It's a bit flashy. I quite like the photo with the overhead view.

// Part of me wonders if this is just to go in his anti-VC speeches.. "See - we made a "lifestyle" business and now I drive a custom supercar"

I imagine that as a late-night infomercial

looks like the Dyson of cars - lots of emphasis on all the discreet panels and parts to show off their engineering chops.

not my cup of tea aesthetically, but i'm sure it's good for one hell of a summer afternoon in the alps.

I don't like cars, I dislike driving, and I think it's beautiful.

You must be an Arab. Arabs say somebody's nice car looks "ugly" to misdirect negative spirits and the "evil eye".

"Tufff Tufff Tufff; shoo hai? Lamborghini Murcielago? I have never seen a worse car in my life!"

looks pretty damn awesome to me

Fuxury: f'ing ugly luxury. Actually, it's not aggressively ugly -- it's just not to my taste.

It's a difficult look, but some people like difficult things.

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