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The 5 Best Programs for Entrepreneurship (humbledmba.com)
5 points by jaf12duke on Sept 8, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

As someone who went through DreamIt ('09) and is now co-director of my school's entrepreneurship network (Penn State), I think this post ingeniously makes an interesting point.

My experience with DreamIt was excellent and life-changing. It's what really opened my eyes to real entrepreneurship: getting stuff done and shipping.

At Penn State there is definitely plenty of room for improvement and I look at programs like DreamIt as inspiration for what budding young entrepreneurs need to get going.


I'm thoroughly confused by the links in the post. Could you explain?

Stanford-GSB -> YCombinator

MIT-Sloan -> TechStars

Harvard-HBS -> Founder Institute

Berkley-Haas -> Seedcamp

Dartmouth-Tuck -> DreamIt Ventures

Since there doesn't seem to be any geographical relationship (apart from GSB/YC), I'm left to assume the post was meant to be entirely tongue-in-cheek. Am I missing something?

just having fun...

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