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I just noticed Chrono Trigger is available for iOS. Haven’t bought it yet but I hope the port is a good one. I also enjoyed FF7 on my iPhone. Glad to see Square is rereleasing titles for mobile.

I would kill for Nintendo to release a few old titles on iOS.

Warning: the iOS port (and also the PC version on Steam) of Chrono Trigger is widely regarded as terrible. Same with FFVI and FFV.

Luckily the old 3DS port of Chrono Trigger is good. The only way I know to play FFVI now is with an SNES Classic: an overpriced raspberry pi.

yeah, if you have a DS, go with the Chrono Trigger port. I can't speak to iOS, but I tried some Final Fantasy port and gave up because I hated the controls. The PC version, I have a 3440x1440 screen, it renders as a regular 1440p screen in full screen and the tiles are nauseating. The only resolution that looks okay is 800x600.

> The only way I know to play FFVI now is with an SNES Classic

Or with literally any SNES emulator?

Install happy chick[1]. It has basically all the games for quite a number of old systems.

1: http://happychick.hk/

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