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Cool idea, I used to play this when I was a child.

I'm unable to download it right now, but my initial concerns are:

- How do you stop people from cheating by singing the words, or otherwise just saying the name of the song? Or, depending on the scoring system, could you not just submit silence?

- How do you deal with people screaming profanity or disturbing audio clips?

I built a report function. Not sure what more I can do to stop that. So far so good :)

Maybe limiting the game for people you know, like a list of friends on Facebook or phone list.

That feature is definitely on the list and I'll implement it soon

You could ask people to flag the ones that are not humming and if a user is flagged multiple times you ban that user.

> just submit silence

433 by John Cage?

Careful,I think that's under copyright

This is actually a minigame that exists within one of the four card types for the board game Cranium, but a nice mobile implementation for playing with strangers.

It's also being kickstarted as a standalone card game: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1559002049/earworm-beco...

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