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Oh my goodness I've been looking for the name of that game for ages. I loved it (including the hardcore element of it). Though IIRC I too had merely the shareware version.

For people who like CCG and roguelike, I can highly recommend Slay The Spire [1] as it combines the two in an easy to learn, difficult to master game. Its been developed and tested by Android: Netrunner players (CCG-wise I only ever played the orig. Netrunner and MtG in the 90s, orig. SWCCG, and recently Hearthstone). The game is what I wish Hearthstone would've been, and I haven't had so much fun for 16 EUR (compare to Hearthstone...). Its available early access on Steam. Third character isn't yet available.

[1] http://slay-the-spire.wikia.com/wiki/Slay_the_spire_Wiki

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