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I did not work on this but you'll need to take in mind that this was a fixed resolution game with 2D sprites. There is no 3D art in the final product. Finally this was just the proposal, Blizzard bought Condor and published Diablo (1) and if you check the mobygames entry (which is usually a pretty accurate copy of the in game credits), it has a much more extensive list of software developers in the credits (three! people on the installer, though to be fair, I'm pretty sure all the guys were down at Blizzard South providing a lot of the low level libraries). IIRC the networking was also outside the scope of Blizzard North's expertise at the time and most of that part was done by Blizzard South via Battle.net. http://www.mobygames.com/game/windows/diablo/credits

edit: it also took them about twice as long including pre development time.

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