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You might want to try Grim Dawn. If Turn-based works too then Darkest Dungeon.

I'd recommend against Darkest Dungeon. Whereas Diablo 1 & 2 carefully cultivated its gothic aura, DD went full-on edge and melodrama.

I respectfully disagree. Darkest Dungeon captured the essence of Lovecraft in ways I've not seen anywhere else. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes brutally hard turn based 1 dimensional combat. The game requires a lot of compromises and you will suffer casualties. It's a rare game where I spend almost as much time preparing for a dungeon run as I take doing the run. The artwork also really spoke to me.

About the one warning I give about the game, is that it doesn't explain in game enough early game. I got frustrated because the early game is really punishing and it's too hard to figure things out since many interactions are probabilistic. I finally found a wiki on the game which allowed me to understand what I was doing wrong (and which dungeon artifacts should be skipped when no protection). After that I fell in love with the gamr.

I just picked up Grim Dawn last weekend and I've really been enjoying it. :)

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