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The turn based gameplay, square tile floor design, randomized levels and loot, fantasy medieval world of sword and sorcery remind me of an earlier 1990s game called Castle of the Winds - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castle_of_the_Winds

Or NetHack ('80s) with the Falcon's Eye graphics patchset ('90s). Still the best game ever made if you like a wide-open sandbox with an unforgiving demand for resourcefulness and creative problem solving.

Oh my goodness I've been looking for the name of that game for ages. I loved it (including the hardcore element of it). Though IIRC I too had merely the shareware version.

For people who like CCG and roguelike, I can highly recommend Slay The Spire [1] as it combines the two in an easy to learn, difficult to master game. Its been developed and tested by Android: Netrunner players (CCG-wise I only ever played the orig. Netrunner and MtG in the 90s, orig. SWCCG, and recently Hearthstone). The game is what I wish Hearthstone would've been, and I haven't had so much fun for 16 EUR (compare to Hearthstone...). Its available early access on Steam. Third character isn't yet available.

[1] http://slay-the-spire.wikia.com/wiki/Slay_the_spire_Wiki

Thanks for mentioning this! I used to play the shareware version that I got from one of those "1001 Games" type discs back in the day. I see the creator released it into public domain so it looks like I'll be wasting a few hours with this later this week.

Ha! I got my copy the same way.

I ended up giving up on it quickly when I got to the first dungeon/castle and couldn't figure out how to move through the diagonal passages. In later years I unlocked the secrets of the numpad.

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