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Interestingly ahead of its time in that they had the idea of "DLC"'s already, in the form of small interchangeable expansion packs.

Apparently that never worked out, maybe because without the ease of downloading it wouldn't have sold enough against a single big expansion

I think this idea, at least in the exact form as described in the PDF, was scrapped later due to addition to randomly generated items. Having expansion packs which add more items does not make a lot of sense in that context.

Here are some ways it could make sense (but would have to be careful to not upset game balance): a.) more unique items (D1 has a small set of unique items) b.) new suffix/prefix to add to item modifier lists c.) in addition/response to the new suffix/prefix could add new resistance/attack types only available with expansion pack d.) could make multiplay require same expansion packs on each system to encourage upgrading

They can and did still add new weapon types to randomize (+more attributes for that) and add more unique weapons/item types in general with the Hellfire expansion.

Not really surprising.

Expansion packs have existed in one form or another for ages, these days they are just that much easier to distribute via Steam and similar services.

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