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Sign up for Facebook (signupforfacebook.org)
69 points by sizzle on March 27, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 17 comments

Bug report: even though the cursor indicates you aren't allowed, you can still click the button without accepting all of the "I'm OK with this" buttons.

Also, at the end suggest 'what to do if you're not OK with this:

Options for: Organising and running groups

Communicating with friends and family

Sharing photos

Keeping up with the news

Other social media options for Business

Also need an associated site for 'Sign Out of Facebook'

How to:

Provide contact details to important people to keep in touch, Communicate with non-users (for group admins), Set up and use email/IM groups (for users and admins), Download your data, Share photos, Keep up with news,


Keep that traction going :)

When laid out like that it’s horrendous isn’t it. Great idea. Their business model is based upon abusing your trust isn’t it.

You do realise that Google does all this and more. Why is Facebook suddenly any more evil?

Google knows where you live, Google knows what you did in that location, Google knows much more.

Why do people get upset when Facebook obviously is doing the same? They all are.

Google knows everything Facebook knows and more, and they are BUILT on selling that information to advertisers.

my opinion is that Facebook gets a darker rap for all this b/c they're famously more aggressive at engineering addiction. Maybe Google works just as hard at this, but it's pretty plain that FB's put a lot of effort into inducing the sort of addictions to social media that many feel are making life worse for a lot of people.

Sign up for Facebook button still takes me to FB even though it's disabled. FYI

This site is on GitHub so that people can provide feedback there.

I'm sure there's a lot more content and news related to the deviousness and maliciousness of Facebook missing on this site right now.


there's no way this lasts right?

Facebook will definitely get this site taken down quickly. There is something called the Trademark Clearinghouse and registrars work together with them.


IANAL but whatever trademark equivalent of fair use exists if any I don’t think OP site falls under it even.

I mean, the site is a valid criticism and it’s clever and I applaud them but no I don’t think it will last a whole lot more than some few hours more at tops.

I thought parodies were allowed

I doubt this would be considered a parody, but there might be grounds for defense based on the idea that it's criticism. The domain name they picked is problematic, though, since it could make it seem like they're affiliated with Facebook. Adding a big disclaimer to the top to point out they're not might be a good idea.

Forgot about email accounts and contacts.

Cant remember what year it was but at some point FB removed each members personal email address and replaced it with a username@facebook.com address.

This cut off the possibility that members might try to contact other members via personal email, and instead redirected all their communications through Facebooks servers.

Facebook needed to see those communications because... why not?

While this is technically true, the history of how it came about seems forgotten already:

It was ironically done for privacy. Users actual e-mails were shared with friends, and people had too many "friends", causing their e-mail to be leaked. After a bit of trial and error on hiding the e-mails from scraping, they eventually hid all e-mails by default and only exposed the @facebook.com emails. The original idea of people only having 'real' friends turned out to not work. You can't trust your Facebook "friends", which should be alarmingly clear for everyone by now.

well gmail does the same.

At least with username@facebook.com, you could contact friends on facebook without actually logging into facebook.

Actually I'd like more social networks to be "federated" like that. ActivityPub is one such protocol, whereby users on different networks like Mastodon and PeerTube can communicate.


How does this make it to HN

In my experience, Cisco Umbrella flags quite a few sites as malicious that absolutely aren't. Most of the flagged sites I've noticed have come from a HN posting.

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