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This is awesome!

A lot of people point to migrations as the best way to track changes to a database schema. But there are a lot of problems with them. For example, they involve adding version control on top of another version control system, which can cause a ton of problems. They also don't maintain themselves well. If you leave it alone, running migrations will just take longer and longer over time, even though you don't really get more utility.

I think we need more support from databases themselves to solve this problem.

In the meantime, this is a really good stopgap, because it can theoretically allow you to just have a file with your "ideal schema" for each commit. No need to maintain a separate database migration history too. You can even generate a series of migrations by looking at your git history!

This is a great summary of the advantages, as I see them. Would you mind if I add this comment as a testimonial somewhere in the docs?

Sure, go for it!

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