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I never liked medium, their comment UX is weird and annoying, the whole thing is just faceless, brandless and feels generic.

Mabye I'm old, but I find shared hosting with one click deployment of wordpress a better choice, but heck, most of the blogs I end up reading nowdays are tech blogs written by bright people who for some reason will not

1. deploy an existing blog engine to a shared host

2. host a blog on a vps

3. write a rudimentary blog engine

4. write a static generator (how much time could that be? a day?)

Yep, searching may be tricky, especially with rendered sites, but it's doable and I literally never used the search function on medium... but whatever. Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree.

If you really want to publish something and you're a lazy bum, just throw up a github repo, or a gist, it's still 100% more flexible than medium.

wordpress offers free hosting for unlimited traffic. You don't need to set up anything.

The smallest blog takes a long time to setup. I understand developers who don't want to run web services at work only to come home and run other web services.

> (how much time could that be? a day?)

You'd be surprised how much time you can sink in a high quality blog engine.

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