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If you are concerned about the privacy of your readers, using Disqus probably isn't such a good idea:


Two alternatives are:


and Discourse on a subdomain ($5/month for a Digital Ocean server).

Another alternative is Talkyard (I'm developing it):

https://www.talkyard.io/blog-comments — there's serverless hosting (with privacy. No ads, no tracking), + it's open source like Isso.

Disqus isn't the best with security either.


Good point. There are probably other like services. I don’t really get much traffic!

The best other service: a mailto: link. People do write e-mails on posts they like, sometimes. Also, 9 out of 10 comment threads under blog posts I've read are just plain stupid logorrhoea.

Maybe a subreddit would work too?

What do you think about https://www.talkyard.io/blog-comments? I'm developing it and if you or the ancestors have any thoughts or feedback that'd be interesting to hear

I personally prefer not having comments at all in personal blogs. Tho the sytem seems robust and comprehensive, would be useful for those who want to incorporate comments in blog posts or support pages. An immediate criticism is that the web page needs a bit of work. It was unusable in Firefox for android, with half the video off screen. Also, the video is kinda cryptic, some narration, written or spoken, would be a nice addition. That it's OSS is really compelling, I personally would be more likely to buy hosted service from you because it's so. But maybe that's not the general stance.

Overall, kudos, this seems cool!

Thanks for the feedback :- ) Yes I agree that the web page needs more work.

I didn't know about the problems with FF and Android o.O, thanks for letting me know :- )

> would be more likely to buy hosted service from you because it's so. But maybe that's not the general stance

Hmm a word is missing after "so"?

Yes I think for most people it's not wort getting one's own server. Installing stuff, creating OpenAuth accounts at Google, FB etc, finding a send-emails SaaS, and other things ... is lots of work and sometimes confusing / frustrating.

You're welcome!

> Hmm a word is missing after "so"?

I meant "because it's OSS" there. I really like the model where you put the code out there, open source, but sell hosting and services. You're both giving back to the community (and I can't think of much software projects built without using anything from the open source community), adopting an open and more trustworthy model, and also selling a SaaS version for those who don't want to or can not set it up. It seems to me to be a very legitimate and honest way to make money off of software.

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