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Medium has a policy on cryptocurrency? Given the amount of problematic thought pieces submitted to HN from it (and the no-so-subtle advertisements for the author’s own crypto), you wouldn’t know it.

Here's the post where they quote the message Medium sent them: https://mastodon.xyz/@Liberapay/99744414079487371

And here's the policy page it links to: https://help.medium.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000646167

Ah, that policy page was added a week ago (the update date is visible on the mobile site). Even if that policy was violated, it’s a jerk move to ban for infractions prior to that date.

Probably a pre-emptive move triggered by FOSTA and that other one that starts with S who's name I forgot.

I don't think FOSTA/SESTA have anything to do with cryptocurrencies.

Jerks do jerk moves to move as jerks.

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