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"Hillary lost because she was the worst Democrat candidate in history"

Because she was a woman? I mean, in 1984 Walt Mondale got 13 electoral votes and just 37 million votes. I think this qualifies as much worse.

But I get you.

How revolting, between nitwits who voted for Hillary purely because she was a woman and nitwits that dismiss votes against Hillary as purely a masculine act of defiance towards women in positions of power -- I don't know what's worse. Clearly some people are only capable of reducing others to arbitrary superficial qualities inferred from their own prejudices.

Is it really beyond your comprehension that someone would judge Hillary based on the quality of her character rather than her gender?

Sure you voted for Trump because you want a tax cut. I'll give you that.

But on the other hand, you brought up the "worst candidate in history" thing because of other reasons. Its just not mathematically true, man. So bringing up bias is fair game; you aren't using math as a judge. But I guess it could be a bias of recent events. Who knows - either way its not true.

I'm sorry I triggered you with the word "Trump" and I'm sorry you triggered me with just saying something that is mathematically false.

I also looked at your hacker news profile and it looks like you only only talk about politics here - this is a technology forum so I think you have the wrong audience. I'm sorry you are so angry but Jesus Christ, lets talk about computers here.

PS - If I could save your blood pressure; I'd down vote this response for you. I don't care about internet points here.

Your concern is touching but unnecessary, and, while you are correct that Mondale faired terribly, the basis of my reasoning is that a significant portion of those 62M votes that went to Trump could've easily went to the Democrats but didn't because of explicit and universal distaste for Hillary.

Mondale may have received only 40.6% of votes but Trump, as a general rule, shouldn't have had a chance. It was a Black Swan event of epic proportions and the Democrats made a mistake every step of the way, the statistical likelihood of that happening was so astronomically low but Hillary's involvement made it a guarantee.

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