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Sarkozy is trying to change social opinion of "careers" and "work" in France to keep pace with other countries. France is a very old country which also makes it even harder to bring change. I think there are a lot of people in France who pick up the slack for others. Kind of like the Israel...

If there is a country we should imitate, I think it would be Israel. Now that's ambition, dedication, and of course, resilience. I think Tel Aviv has the highest concentration of tech startups in the world also.

Why would you think French people only work ten hours per week? My French roommate never understood sarcasm either. He also kept putting the damn eggs in the cupboard even after I told him he would get sick.

Pssst, the stylistic device in your comment is called hyperbole, the one in mine is called sarcasm.

The 10 hour a week I think is derived from the work schedule of French people which you mention in your previous post.

I don't think Israel's economy should be of any particular interest to the U.S, it's like a huge elephant trying to imitate a nimble rat. However, maybe if the U.S stopped giving away billions to Israel every year, it could put more of its own people to work.

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