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Does anyone else have the wild speculation that Rupert Murdoch is opening a bottle of champagne today?

The interest in FB and privacy, while gratifying, also seems focused through a particularly yellow lens.

People on HN have also pointed out that it’s very likely that CA’a analytical prowess may well be overstated as part of submarine marketing efforts.

I suppose many people are just surprised that this is taking off now, without any truly new or novel fuel driving it - when the same articles and worse, had no effect earlier.

There is new fuel. Did you miss the video of the CEO of Cambridge Analytica bragging about how his company stole 200 elections around the world by lying and cheating and deceiving the public? With illegal methods abound?

Lots of new fuel.

But specifically the way Facebook is being dragged to the center of the fire, even though there isn't really any new fuel on Facebook's side.

There's good reason for the media to be tense against Facebook right now, since Facebook has changed the news feed algorithm:

"traffic in the news category, which includes major news publishers The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and BuzzFeed, was down 14 percent after a sharper drop in the months prior"

I do think Facebook should audit its 3rd party developers more closely and that this leak of data is terrible. Yet, imagine CA instead had built an app for a personality quiz and asked for a ton of permissions from your phone to track your location, harvest your contacts, etc. What else could Google/Apple have done?

[1]: https://digiday.com/media/promised-facebook-traffic-news-pub...

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