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I mean this is HN not Reddit, so I expect most people to know the context of that comment by now (on this site) and his apology and explanation of it.

On Reddit the normal person can be forgiven for not knowing the full context of quote, but this quote has come up on HN many times over many years.

can you help me out here? what is the context/explanation?

The context is he was 19 and the quote's from an instant message conversation.

I've never seen an "explanation." It seems self-explanatory. I haven't seen an apology either, but this was in the New Yorker:

When I asked Zuckerberg about the IMs that have already been published online, and that I have also obtained and confirmed, he said that he “absolutely” regretted them ... Zuckerberg’s sophomoric former self, he insists, shouldn’t define who he is now.


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