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All the self-serving memes are out on parade here: "This not news", "what did you expect?", "anyone paying attention should have known", "it is the new normal", "it could not be any other way", "everyone benefits"...

Actually, as of posting, the "Apple/Google/Microsoft are just as bad" version has not yet put in an appearance.

One could argue that Apple and Microsoft are not as bad, because Apple and Microsoft sell products, not advertisements.

Apple wants to be a walled garden. Can't be a walled garden without walls: their self-interest and marketing direction lies elsewhere. Also, in the case of the iPhone, hardware is the product, and in the case of the app store, the devs and apps are the product (some of the time, anyway).

Yeah, it makes me think of how people often say that SV is disconnected from the rest of society.

Sure, those of us on HN know to expect this from data-mining companies, but spend an extended amount of time with people who don't work in tech and you'll quickly learn that, yes, they know that FB uses your data, but most people have almost zero idea around just how much of your data is captured and sold/harvested/whatnot, nor what is done with the data after that point.

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