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I've been thinking more and more recently of deleting my facebook profile.

1. I barely add stuff on it 2. 99% of my news feed is irrelevant and I really don't care (there maybe 1 post/day from a friend that is interesting to me) 3. Starting to be more and more concerned about all this data

But I'm scared for multiple reasons:

1. connections needed from a lot of friends, family etc. that I would not keep contact with otherwise 2. It does a great job at keeping my contact list updated (no later than yesterday I searched for friends/coworker to make sure I don't forget anyone on my farewell email) 3. Messenger. I use it a lot (almost as much as iMessage) and again, a lot of people I talk to on facebook I don't have their info for telegram/whatsapp/etc.

> I've been thinking more and more recently of deleting my facebook profile.

> But I'm scared for multiple reasons:

I went through that a similar thought process. I decided to keep my profile active, but unlike everything and delete all my posts. I also changed my profile pic to make it clear I wouldn't be using Facebook anymore. That way I can still get event invites, etc. but not be too burdened by the whole thing.

Eventually I'll delete my profile, but not until Facebook becomes far less ubiquitous (and I do what small things I can to hasten its decline).

you dont have to delete it, you can just not be an MAU

Yeah exactly. My Facebook is pretty much read-only at this point, except for a few "likes" to show support for friends or if I get invited to a personal event or something.

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