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Is there any reason to believe that the situation isn't the same in, say, the Android ecosystem? In my experience many 3rd party apps require ridiculous amounts of permissions (contact list etc...) for something that's not core functionality. Surely all these free-to-play crapware games on the Android market have siphoned all the data they could and sold them to the highest bidder? Does Google do a better job of monitoring these apps?

Wait until you see the video of these guys:


(via https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16626752)

Yeah that's exactly the type of things I'm worried about. Smartphone apps have potential access to an incredible amount of sensitive data and I always found Android's permission system to be woefully inadequate.

There is an increasing need for a container app that will feed whatever sensor data you want to the apps within the container. Also there would need to be some preconfigured sensor data profiles, like "Occasionally cheating husband living in city X" or "Really rich housewife living in city Y" or maybe "piss-poor guy living in a rural developing country"

I don't know which one I'm more worried about. On the one side Facebook can track preferences and something akin to feelings closely, but on the other Google can track day-to-day activities much better.

If you've ever seen your Google activity log; that's very scary. The accuracy with which your phone can track your movement and where you are at every point in time is unprecedented. I'm very careful with what I allow 3rd parties to access but I can see a lot of users blindly accepting (like they did for this personality quiz that leaked all this Facebook info in the first place).

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