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Ex-Facebook insider says covert data harvesting was routine (theguardian.com)
942 points by valanto on Mar 20, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 384 comments

Isn't that their business model?

This was 6 years ago, and we wonder they would be no where 6 years down the line ?

Regulator asleep at the wheel.

Delete your Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp accounts.

I say wipe them. I have been deleting data for the last couple of days, I don't need old comments and likes - even pictures as I have them myself.

This was I can slowly phase it out, this has been my plan all along, but I need some time to make all logins work without facebook ect.

My intent is to delete it eventually. Until then no new content, and wiping the old content.

"Move fast and break things." Sigh...

Im honestly not surprised by this news at all.

I take this to mean anything private or sensitive said on Facebook Messenger should be considered breached?

Those were never actually private in the first place.

Can someone do an ELI5? I have no idea what's going on...

EDIT: I guess not.

We knew it facebook was going to be the next friendster+AOL+myspace but I never suspected it would disintegrate to these levels. Expect employees to start jumping ship left and right.

I suppose stock option values will plummet, but I guess most get stock grants now.

What’s the worst that could really happen from any of this?

You’re shown a highly targeted ad that you don’t even look at anyway? Give me a break.

Manipulating elections? Elections already have tons of opportunities for manipulation across all mediums.

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