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Show HN: React Native Auth Boilerplate (github.com)
41 points by wawhal on Mar 20, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

This is little more than an ad for an auth-as-a-service product.

Since it is a boilerplate and not an npm module, you can totally use the UI and write your own backend logic.

I just wanted it to work out of the box, so used Hasura BAAS.

> I just wanted it to work out of the box, so used Hasura BAAS.

Funny how it ended up a Hasura github repo... hrm....

Haha. I work at Hasura :) We have been putting out open source content for React and React Native. This is one of them.

No offense but I couldn't find a licence or open source mention ;)

If you are publishing something as "open source" I think you should include the license or mention it some way. As long as you don't, it's not "open source".

Hey thanks for notifying. I just put up the license. You can check it.

The readme mentions the boilerplate app uses Native Base. Do you have any thoughts on Native Base after using it for a while? I used it to bootstrap our app, over time I felt confined by it's limitations.

NativeBase is written on top of React Native and the docs are fairly clear about customisation. Yes some components are hard to customize, such as tabViews, headers and buttons, but I think it is fairly flexible.

Is there any particular limitation that has been bothering you?

Unrelated to the project, but the "Read About How Our Company Started" link on https://hasura.io/about seems to be broken.

Hey! It seems to be opening for us. https://blog.hasura.io/hasura-year-one-50def1cc7b73

Can you elaborate what do you mean by broken?

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