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Show HN: LCUI.css – A UI component framework for building LCUI application (github.com)
49 points by lcsoft 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

LCUI is "A small C library for building user interfaces with C, XML and CSS." http://lcui.org/

This is a CSS library for LCUI

The author has a pretty good sense of humor. On the testimonials page (http://lcui.org):

"LCUI solves many complex issues, it reduces the application UI development and maintenance costs, I only need to write a code for the UI will be able to make my application in a number of platforms to show a consistent UI effect." -- Liu Chao, Creator of LC's Finder

All of the screenshots are from the demo app, too.

Not all.

Why does a CSS library need Make, Node AND Python to build?

This is not for web. Check out: http://lcui.org/

It doesn't require Make but xmake http://xmake.io/. It's pretty self-explanitory by reading the build scripts why it needs it.

Given that this is C, how is memory management handled?

oh no, bootstrap.

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