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My general impressions are that Mark Zuckerberg has just gotten really bored of running the company.

Bit of a clickbait title, but considering how much bad press they've been getting since the last elections, I would expect the CEO to be front and center of it.

Facebook may not be failing but it's glory days are way past (and have not really expanded beyond the social networking sphere - with probably Oculus their only expansion beyond their core focus - unlike say Google/Alphabet).

But one thing that truly baffles me is Comrade Mark's incessant courting (bordering on being a puppy dog) of Emperor for Life, Xi. (HN user seanmcdirmid in a previous thread said that he could potentially be a bit of a closeted sinophile)

1. He asks Xi to name his child


2. He then plugs Xi's book

https://www.amazon.com/Xi-Jinping-Governance-English-Languag... Absolutely no idea how the media has not caught this, ever since Xi declared himself President for life.

After the whole FB Basics thing (free access to “Facebook-approved” internet) that India rightly told him to go shove, China is his shot at a consolation prize.

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