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D3 Graph Theory – Learn About Graph Theory Interactively (mrpandey.github.io)
329 points by sebg on Mar 18, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

This is a very cool intro to graph theory. These interactive applications really make the concepts come to life. It would be some what challenging, but adding graph algorithms like shortest paths and minimal spanning trees could be a lot of fun. Good job!

This looks cool. Basic graph theory is one of the "superpowers" in our toolboxes as software engineers. It's useful for entity relationships, data flows, data structures, etc.

What would it take to get something like this to work on a phone? I found I was unable to add edges, though the graphs ran mostly fine (Firefox Android).

That's awesome! Did you use any type of framework other than D3 to build the website?

Doesn't look like it from the Github repo. The code has no imports of any view frameworks other than bootstrap and jquery. Looks like he wanted to get to business as soon as possible!

So clean and beautiful! Paper and blackboards always leave me disappointed when I do graph theory.

Nice, looks good on mobile but I could only figure out how to left click on icons in the graph.

Well done, Avinash!

We want more interactive tutorials like this

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