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Show HN: AlchemyList.com – Find keto, low- and slow carb foods while traveling
2 points by fredrikaurdal on Mar 17, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments
If you have done any amount of traveling outside of your home country, you know how tricky it can sometimes be to find a protein bar, yoghurt or snack that is not loaded with sugar and carbs, without having to decipher a label in a distant language, or stay long enough to find out what is available. But fear not, I've created a list of the best keto, slow- and low carb foods found in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Estonia for your enjoyment. You can find it all in this public spreadsheet: http://master-list.alchemylist.com

However, there are still lots of countries where there is no information. You can improve the list by editing the spreadsheet, I've already added 200+ countries and territories, anywhere from Andorra to East-Timor.

I also created a discussion group if anyone is interested: http://discussion.alchemylist.com/

Please share your thoughts, and let me know what you think. To add a new product, edit the spreadsheet.

It looks like some of the countries for some reason didn't save. I have re-added every country and territory, all 200+ of them.

The whole spreadsheet has been re-structured, to make it more practical and scalable.

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