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"Overnight success takes a long time." Paul Buchheit


I live and work in Hollywood, and the conventional wisdom here is that "overnight success" takes 8-10 years.

I like that quote/notion too.

However, I don't think the time aspect of his success story is about an overnight success taking 10 years as much as it is about refining one's product & market acumen over time, combined with having the luck to put something on the market (micro-blogging service) at just the right timing when a lot of people are ready for it (traditional blogging had become mainstream, but also lots of bloggers had become dissatisfied with the ROI and/or blog readers were looking for smaller/easier things to read and/or with more frequent updates AND smart phones were taking off with full web access on the go).

Enter Twitter. They executed well, but I think they also had very lucky timing.

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