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Ask HN: Who's hiring? (September 2010)
176 points by buro9 on Sept 3, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 236 comments
I'm really interested in London, UK but I'm sure one of these is overdue so feel free to let others know what else is out there.

A little format to the first couple of lines is always helpful. <Vague Job Title> - <City>, <Country>

And then a little bit describing the role and your startup/company.

Thanks in advance.

NYC (Chelsea) - Chicago - SFBay


Job title: Scary Story Told To Young Software Developers By Their Parents To Get Them To Go To Bed On Time.

In one not-too-atypical week last year, our team attacked the messaging front end of a financial exchange, used a GNU Radio to decode an RF protocol used by a major utility (we later cheated and used JTAG to turn their own hardware into a modem), reverse engineered and defeated a secure remote login protocol, and game-overed a web app your mom has heard of.

What are we looking for? Here's my first interview question: what is your research project going to be for us? One of our team members built a web testing tool. A couple more got together and wrote a cross-platform debugger in Ruby. One of our team members finds vulnerabilities in Google Chrome in his spare time. A few of them are running a large scale software fuzzing farm to bring mass production techniques to bugfinding. Does this stuff interest you? We should talk.

Downsides: Not building things people want. In fact, building things people fear and loathe. Also, not being able to wear silver, eat garlic, or enter houses without express invitation.

Perks: Infinite free tech books, medical, 401k.


If I were looking for a day job, I wouldn't be looking for a day job any more: they're friendly, happy people who get social license to join the Dark Side, do smart stuff all day, and then go home while it is still light out. - HN:patio11

Your Amazon policy is almost better than stock options and a 401k. I'd probably never willingly leave a company with that policy. - HN:SkyMarshall

For god's sake someone please get me out of here. - HN:wglb

Well, I don't recall saying that, but i did tell "First Blood" that "I'm not in here with you, you are in here with me".

But seriously, check us out. Do you enjoy drilling down to find out how things really work? Are you a puzzle kind of person? Do you think you can crack the pale apple? Perhaps you would like to work with "Cupcake", "One Ping Only", or maybe "Quiet, Redhead, Deadly". Tell Tom I told you to give him a call.

Another perk is you get a laptop loaded with stuff that would be illegal in some european countries. (Lots of it is open source, so relax).

And yes, First Blood totally got me with the swimming pool on the twelfth floor.

+1 for Matasano. They came to my employer and did major damage. Really bright and, equally importantly, really nice guys.

Just a reminder that there is also a spreadsheet.


I will update it from this post when/if i get free time over this weekend. Any help doing the same will be appreciated.

As always - Please indicate whether telecommuting is an option or you require employees be located in a specific city.

C/C++/Java/Erlang/Haskell/Python Devs - Chicago, USA

We're looking for smart people to help at an established high frequency trading shop. We have a few positions open, from latency critical stuff that must be done in C/C++/Haskell, to 'offline' data crunching which is more Java/Python/Erlang/etc. Plus a bunch of other stuff in everything in between.

Frankly, our code is probably faster and deals with 'bigger' data than anything else you've ever seen (and this was true for me, after having Top Secret clearance working on satellite defence and having interned at several 'big data' places in college).

If you're bored of working on the same 'solved' problems in webapp development as everyone else, you should check us out! We're organized into very small teams, that each have quite a bit of autonomy. It's very entrepreneurial, and you'll have a real dollars and cents impact on our bottom line very quickly.

We were Sequoia funded too, for whatever it's worth.

Shoot me an email/resume at {my_username}@allstontrading.com to learn more!

are you guys open to remote developers? we've got two erlang guys down here in Buenos Aires and we're looking for projects!

Sorry, local to chicago only

Are you hiring for any business, PM, etc. type positions?

Are you sure that there is no misunderstanding - critical stuff in Haskell and other stuff in Erlang? Not a reverse pair? ^_^

Latency is the keyword there: "Latency critical".

That is what Erlang was designed for. ^_^

Memory latency is a performance bottleneck for Haskell code because the execution model uses a lot of memory indirections.

Meshcapital is hiring. We are in Jersey City, NJ, about 6 minutes from lower manhattan via path train.

We are a 3 person hedge fund. We do high frequency trading, emphasizing market making and short term speculation in the long tail of equities markets. We are looking for good developers - no finance background is required.

Instructions on where to send your resume are contained in our application (you'll need to decrypt them first).


Solved it, knowing an old math concept helped, did a Google search and got the values [writing the code to loop through the values for m,n was easier but felt someone must have computed them and posted on web].

Just wrote the code for cipher and used all possible characters and replaced using the encrypted value. Though I nearly sent it to the wrong address since it wasn't clear whether address contained the answer it self or answer%256. took ~30 mins [mostly to look up ord,chr and the solution on google].

final solution 12 lines python code, does not calculates a,b,c just the cipher and i/o.

Yeah, I used the old math concept too for the first part, but got the values for a,b,c by hand. Remembering that math trick definitely made it easier. Fun to do a little math again.

Funny application. More of these kinds would be nice :)

What a fantastic way to differentiate your company. I had forgotten how much fun crypto is :)

I sent the problem to a few other friends (some of whom are actually looking for jobs!).

I have a truly marvelous demonstration of this proposition which this box is too small to contain.


Seriously, though - I think I can solve this in Wolfram Alpha (at least up to the point of getting the key).


Are you guys lagging behind in email? I emailed you guys, but never received a response back.

Also, when you get a chance please do post some solutions.

I solved the problem, but before doing the real work of updating my CV -- could you please write a little bit about the job, to avoid wasting time for us both? :-)

(And I know, it is not really a waste to update your CV.)

Edit: For instance, are Europeans and other aliens a possibility?

Edit 2: Thanks. But I've probably forgotten too much math. :-( And you should get enough people anyway, sounds like a cool place.

We have an automated trading system which plays the stock market and makes us a bunch of money. The job consists of extending the trading system, developing new strategies (note: strategy == code), and some maintenance work (making our FIX talk to their FIX, tax calculations, etc). You should be ready to be involved in all aspects of the company - specialization is for insects . Yesterday I did numerical optimization, today I'm trying to make trac work with apache.

Bug reports tend to start off very vague: "We haven't made any money this month on $SET_OF_SECURITIES" or "We seem to lose $BIGNUM in $SHORT_TIME several times a day, WTF!"

We don't much care about your experience with any particular technologies. We are a Java/Ruby shop, but my resume has neither Java nor Ruby written on it (I last used Java in college in 2001). We also aren't looking for managers (with 4 people management is irrelevant) or interface designers (we are all happy with the command line).

Aliens are cool, but you will need to move here (I'm the only USian here).

Java / Ruby is an odd choice for trading particularly HFT, everyone else I have seen seems to be using C++ / C.

Though its not as odd as compared to a quant [from a large bank which held an info session at my unive] who I met last week and told me that he uses VBA + Perl (for research not trading though).

So you didn't solve it?

I can email the code, if you insist. :-)

(I thought about what the job would mean and it's too long since I studied, I just don't have the math self confidence to go halfway around the planet for a job. To do the green card dance etc, I'd need to feel confident about job fit.)

Edit: Too late, will sleep now. I'll try to remember and check this if you answer, when I wake up.

I understand. How long did it take you to solve it?

Less than 40 lines total for the subproblems, including white space. Less than an hour (if you don't count checking email in the middle).

Would have been slightly faster if I had thought less and brute forced a bit more. A crazy old friend used to say "Don't underestimate brute force and ignorance"! :-)

I had about the same LoC for my ruby solution. Time was way longer because I had to read at least three wikipedia articles on various aspects of modulo arithmetic after I was so ashamed of my brute force solutions.

Wonder if anyone tried frequency analysis since that should work well on an affine transform...

I thought about that inverse modulo thing too, and then I remembered what Falken said...

I hope yummyfajitas posts some of the answers.

I though about a more elegant approach and then just brute-forced it too when I realized a brute-force solution wasn't really very expensive. cloc shows 7 lines of perl code for my part 1 solution and 22 lines for part two.

[edit] time for my part 1 solution was 7.8 seconds on an old Dell 2650

Totally different number of lines. Also Perl. 24 lines part 1 (OK, with some diagnosis printing) and 15 for part 2. (That includes use strict;/use warnings; and a few empty lines for both.)

For part 1, with 'time' got real 0m2.865s, user 0m2.780s on a T60 Lenovo/"IBM". I used a few minutes to think about the brute force, which probably saved me half the execution time.

In pure percentage of loss/earn, those minutes for three seconds was probably the worst business of my life... :-) You can take the C/C++ compiler from the old nerd, but you can't stop him from doing premature optimization. :-)

How many people have solved it so far?

So far I've received 11 emails, but 4 were some variant of "nice puzzle, happy where I am right now, but I'll write to you next time I'm looking for work."

A few more were "I solved the puzzle, but tell me more before I bother to update my resume." Such people are certainly in the right ballpark - if you jump into a puzzle without even thinking about whether you want the prize, that's a win.

Thanks. I wondered if the puzzle might encourage more responses in addition to filtering out the send-a-resume-to-everything ones. The puzzle differentiates you from most of the open positions.

It definitely did. I'm working on a blog post discussing this.

Are you replying to people? I sent in the answer on Friday but I haven't heard anything back. Now I'm worried I messed up somewhere. I don't see how though, all the math works out.

Product Engineers - Conshohocken - PA

Same as the last time around Monetate is hiring - Conshohocken (Philly suburb). We have hired people who found us here - these threads are great.

We're a SAAS provider of testing, targeting and personalization tools (i.e. segmentation, A/B testing, MVT) to internet retailers. We've got existing high-volume customers. We're small, profitable, and we're growing fast.

We're hiring engineering talent - we work with Javascript, Python, Django, Google Closure, MySQL, and all sorts of AWS in EC2.

We're looking for sharp engineers who are comfortable working across our stack and really want to be in a startup: http://www.ventureloop.com/firstroundcap/jobdetail.php?jobid... - we're only looking for local people for these roles at this point.

We're also hiring front-end engineers who want to help build and test experiments and are experienced in working with production-quality cross-browser HTML/CSS and Javascript without frameworks.

We have fun problems at scale and we get instant feedback from our clients on everything we put out.

Feel free to email me tjanofsky monetate com.

I was hired by Tom after emailing him through a previous HN Who's Hiring thread. We had a couple of email exchanges followed by a phone and lunch interview. Working here has been fun and challenging.

I would certainly encourage anyone in the Philadelphia area to apply.

Where is PA?

Whether or not that's a joke I laughed out loud.


PA could be Palo Alto - except for the city name "Conshohocken." Which almost sounds like a verb - like something you might say after getting a parking ticket on University Ave. I can see "Conshohocken PA" generating a parser error.

Near NJ and DE.

and Ohio and West Virginia and New York...

You'll be a happier person not knowing.

Google told me it's the US postal code for the state of Pennsylvania.

Software Engineer @ Foursquare - New York, USA

We have a list of project ideas a mile long, and not enough engineers to get them done. Join us and help out! There are all sorts of things you could help us with. If you like working deep in the stack, you could help us scale our architecture to deal with our rapidly growing (30% a month) user base. If you're more passionate about things a bit closer to the surface, we're making huge improvements to the usability, look and feel of the website. If you're a little bit of both, help us bring our feature ideas (and your own!) off the whiteboard and into reality. We push new versions of the website and API multiple times a week, so it won't take long to get your work out in front of our millions of users.

Our ideal candidate will be comfortable in a fluid start-up environment and will bring an energetic, fun and creative approach to their work. You have experience building real products in the real world from the ground up. Your teammates see you as a programming rock star, and go to you with their toughest problems. You're comfortable jumping in the deep end, learning new skills on a bleeding edge platform (Scala, Lift, and MongoDB), and pushing out tons of high quality work fast.

This job will be based in our brand-new headquarters in the East Village of New York City. We offer a competitive compensation package including equity options for all employees.

For more details see http://foursquare.com/jobs/

Catch.com - JavaScript & Operations Lead - San Francisco

Looking for a JavaScript developer and an Operations lead to join our small team in South Park

  * webapp is built using Google Closure
  * backend is MongoDB and pylons
  * we have Android and iPhone apps (over 4 million active installs)

You take a look at our goodies at https://snaptic.com

We are in the process of changing to Catch.com =)

Please email me at hn (at) catch.com

About Catch.com:

  * Catch.com makes it easy to capture what matters to you
  * Catch text, photo and have everything synced between your phone and the web
  * Organize your life with hashtags
Telecommuting is an option, but we would prefer local. (http://yfrog.com/n5rbuj local is fun! :P)

Affine Systems is a venture-backed startup looking for a Python programmer in San Francisco.

Our core technology is a suite of computer vision algorithms (e.g., face recognition) for analyzing video that we have developed over the past few years. We use our vision platform to ingest and scan videos from sites like Youtube and Metacafe that are available for advertising and sell data about the video contents to advertisers who use it to build and optimize their online video campaigns.

We are working with the major ad agencies and with several top brands. The reception to our service has been very enthusiastic because online video advertising is exploding and yet there are few tools available for advertisers to target their campaigns or even know what sorts of videos they are running against. This is especially a pain point for major brands because they are generally very sensitive about what sorts of content show up next to their ad.

We are looking for an engineer to take leadership on the (primarily Python) platform built around our (primarily C++) vision code. The platform runs on Debian Linux and other open source software and is responsible for:

* Ingesting videos and metadata from publishers

* Interfacing with the vision code to process the videos and receive the results

* Storing results in MySQL (or other data stores as appropriate)

* Distributing and coordinating the above on Amazon EC2

* Maintaining our API used by clients to query for video data

* Interacting with APIs of third-party partners as needed

This platform is the backbone of our company, so we are hoping to find someone dedicated to building solid code who can make solid technical decisions.

If this sounds exciting to you, please email me at bobby@affinesystems.com


Do you use OpenCV?

Yes, we do (as well as other open source video/ image processing libraries such as ffmpeg).

OpenCV is a large toolbox that contains solid implementations of many standard image processing and vision techniques. We use several of those as building blocks for our algorithms. It doesn't sense to reinvent the wheel for standard operations such as converting between color spaces or histogram equalization.

If I may ask, why python?

Ruby/Clojure/Lisp/Javascript - dev and PM - Durham, NC, Washington DC, and Columbus, OH areas

Relevance (http://thinkrelevance.com) is hiring. We are the guys behind Clojure/Core (http://clojure.com/). We do a lot of Ruby with and without Rails, we are doing at least two production Clojure apps right now (I'm having a hard time keeping track), and we've also done Java, .NET, C, or Javascript as the project dictates.

We have a fantastic culture, are small (~25 folks) but growing, and generally kick ass.

Email me at rob AT thinkrelevance.com. Tell me your github username, your HN username, and anything else I should know.

Developer, London, UK

youDevise, a small financial-software firm in London, England committed to learning and improvement as well as great web software, is hiring developers and other smart folks of many kinds. See http://www.youdevise.com/careers and https://dev.youdevise.com.

No remote working, but we do help you move to London (including immigration), and we will be opening a US development office soon.

Started here three weeks ago, great people, great place! Highly recommended.

Web Engineer -- New York, NY


We're looking for a generalist web engineer who is super-hungry and sees building web apps as more than just a job. We're a data-driven web app that's trying to use analytics and exceptional UX to making buying event tickets a wholly better experience. #Python #PHP #MySQL #MongoDB #Javascript

Competitive comp, outstanding benefits, and a team that has a lot of fun together.

Only looking for folks in NYC. Drop us a line at jobs@seatgeek.com if you'd like to chat.

Dropcam, hiring SW engineers in Bay Area only (but we can help you relo). We make a wi-fi video/audio monitor with a cloud DVR so you never miss a moment. You can watch from the web, iPhone, iPad, Android, and soon on your TV. Currently our customers watch their homes, kids, pets, parents, businesses, vacation properties, and more.

Engineering is driven by a combination of features requested by our paying user base (all from suburban middle America) and holy-crap-how-do-we-scale-to-multi-Gbps-and-PB-of-storage.

We were recently covered on Good Morning America, we've also been reviewed on CNet, Engadget, Mashable, Techcrunch, TWiT, Anandtech and more.

Salaries + equity, and backed by great Silicon Valley investors. Email me at greg@dropcam.com if you'd kick ass at all of the following: camera firmware, our custom DVR servers, website, and mobile apps.

Developers - Newton (~Boston), USA (no telecommute, sorry)

TripAdvisor is a super popular website in the Boston area -- we recently became the most-visited travel site on the web with over a million unique visitors per day.

While we have huge traffic, happy users and are crazy profitable, we're not standing still: We just launched a cool Facebook Connect implementation lets you see where you friends have been and ask them for advice. It takes advantage on our existing Facebook app which has quietly collected of the BILLION pins our community has collectively placed into online maps -- odds are pretty good that we'll find you someone to ask.

Marketing ended up calling it "Trip Friends", and there's a lot of great press about it: http://www.google.com/search?tbs=nws%3A1&q=%22trip+frien...

The bit that's interesting to me is the careful (at least retroactively viewed) plan that led here.

We built this app on Facebook which allow people to put pins on their map. It was done in the fury of initial Facebook apps which were land grabs -- no real sense of what the data'd be used for, but with a sense that a footprint in that space would be valuable. Also it turns out that a with a finely tuned UI, people love to put pins on maps! It taps into some baseline lower-reptilian instinct, which explains our consistent 8 million monthly users.

Fast-forward about 3 years and we've got about a billion pins worth of data. Enough data that it's the single most painful table to deal with! And our CEO comes up with what to do with them: use them to identify which of your friends can help you plan your trip. As aside, TA is so profitable that we can worry about making your experience better rather than using sleazy tactics to just keep you on the site.

After about three months worth of work, our small team built a Facebook Connect implementation that taps into the data we've got in pins and ties it together into a clean UI that people love. It's simple, barely needs explanation, and just plains works.

If you're the sort of person who might want to be part of this sort of thing (large datasets, great UIs, big ideas, small teams), please drop me a line: sanj@tripadvisor.com

We're doing exactly what you're doing (check us out @ http://zuupy.com), minus the "we have tons of data on which to leverage" part. Launch that feature as a separate widget product, and we'll be direct competitors.

Great job on the feature, by the way. I've used it multiple times myself, so far so good.

Data Analytics Engineer - San Francisco, USA

viagogo – the international ticket exchange– is looking for a Data Analytics Engineer to work as part of a small local team to build a system that interfaces with third-party sources, extracts data of interest, and persists in a data-warehousing environment.

We're looking specifically for: -Experience with consuming external data sources and performing ETL operations -Experience with SQL Server Integrations Services (SSIS), Reporting Services (SSRS), and OLAP -Familiarity with data warehousing fundamentals -2-4 years of building applications using Microsoft .NET and C#

Why you should work with us: - Opportunity to be a core member of a small (3 person) team, building a platform that processes millions of dollars of transactions. - We want and value smart guys who work hard and want to voice their opinions on anything from tech to design choices. - We're building with the newest .NET technologies

A little bit about the company: fully funded ($70MM+) expansion/growth stage startup, full medical, exciting industry (live entertainment + ecommerce!)

Check out the below and drop us a note if you're interested! http://www.viagogo.com/About.aspx?HelpID=1033177

Software Engineer @ Off & Away - Seattle, USA

Off & Away (http://www.offandaway.com) is a early stage start-up aiming to change the way people shop for travel. Using an innovative bid-to-win auction model, we’re able to give our customers access to the type of high-end travel experience they could normally only dream of attaining.

Our downtown Seattle-based company was founded by former Amazon.com and travel industry executives, and recently raised seed funding led by Madrona Venture Group, the venture firm behind Amazon.com, Farecast.com (now Bing Travel) and VacationSpot (now a part of Expedia). Since launching at TechCrunch Disrupt, our customer base has been growing rapidly and we’re looking to keep up by growing our small but talented team.

We are looking for a front-end developer with top-notch software design and coding skills to work across all layers of our service, with an emphasis on UI (HTML, JavaScript, jQuery) and application logic (Java, Servlets), yet also capable of into diving back-end logic and the database (MySQL). Prior experience in an early stage start-up a big plus.

Drop us a line at jobs [at] offandaway [dot] com.

Ruby dev - Amsterdam, NL

Postgres dev - Amsterdam, NL

C# dev (Outlook plugins) - Amsterdam, NL

Company: http://www.soocial.com

Soocial is a new way to manage your address book(s). Our offices are in a nice old 'grachtenpand' in the city center of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We're a small team of young (<30), crazy and fanatical engineers and designers redefining the address book.

(Telecommuting is possible but we prefer having you on location)

Same question from my side, where would I have to send my CV?

I saw this on their blog: jobs@soocial.com

Typically jobs@ redirects to /dev/null.

Where do I send my CV?

<Over 20 Positions> - <Cambridge, Seattle, Korea, Beijing, London>


<Software Engineers> - <USA>

This is a great opportunity to help shape the future of interactive media and television. As an engineer building this exciting new media platform, you will help invent and deliver video experiences that touch millions of people around the world. You will join a talented team of software, Web and media veterans. Visit www.brightcove.com/careers for more information.

We have offices in Cambridge and Seattle, talented developers who are not local or unable to relocate to these offices may have the opportunity to work remotely.

Just fyi, I checked your link and while there are 22 positions there are no openings in Seattle.

Product Genius - New York, USA

Back-end Developer - New York, USA

We're hiring at http://JumpPost.com. We currently have a product aimed at helping to solve the NYC apartment search process by connecting apartment hunters directly with vacating tenants, but we're also testing out some other products to connect local supply with demand. We're built in Ruby, running on Heroku, using AWS, working out of a cool meatpacking district loft, and are looking for some smart people to join our three man operation. Must be in NYC, but we can discuss relocation. Email jobs@jumppost.com to chat.

Checked out your product last night. Wishing for more inventory!

Yah, we're working on it. More inventory will definitely be key. We'll be doing some marketing starting next week to get the word out about the $500 incentive we'll pay people for listing their apartments. In the meantime, if you let me know what you're looking for I'd be happy to keep an eye out and let you know first thing when something matching gets posted.

Trading Operations: Perl - London, UK Working on a systematic trading desk building analytics for quants. Must have strong Linux admin experience, great perl programming, and some decent math background. Position is on a small team, in a large firm.


Software Engineer - San Francisco and Washington DC.

OPOWER is an energy-efficiency software company and we're looking for software engineers of all shapes and sizes: http://www.opower.com/Careers/

We're primarily a Java shop, but we also use a healthy amount of Ruby and Scala.

Feel free to contact me through the email address in my profile.

Senior Full-stack Rails Developer - Hollywood, CA, USA

Music professionals are stuck with horribly archaic and kludgy ways of managing their music and collaborating. We're trying to fix this at Gobbler - building a downloadable, networked application that solves these problems for people who create and work with music. Think Dropbox + Yousendit + Source control - all tailored to work with multi-gigabyte music projects.

We're in closed Beta, but are getting ready for a public launch in the next 6 weeks. All of our work has been done on the downloadable application and the backend, so the actual website is pretty ugly (did I mention we're also looking for a Designer?). But we're using a lot of cool technologies, like MongoDB, Node.js, Redis, etc. And you get to work with a small team of very smart people. Plus, we're very well connected to the music industry - it's pretty amusing getting feedback directly from some of the biggest names in music.

Forgot to mention - the jobs website is http://www.mediagobbler.com/about/jobs

FreshBooks in Toronto, Ontario (no telecommute, sorry) is hiring a lot of positions:

  * Developer Community Manager
  * Software Developer (We're PHP & Python mostly)
  * Web Interface Developer
  * User Experience Designer
  * QA Analyst
  * Marketing Managers
  * VP/Director, Inside Sales
  * Support Specialist
  * Blogger/Editor/Writer Extraordinaire

San Francisco, Austin, Boston, Baltimore, USA

Zynga is definitely hiring in a lot of different roles. We're looking for great Product people and engineers in all the different studios.


My email is in my contact info if you are looking for more information.

Information Retrieval Engineer - New York

Were urgently looking for engineers who have some background in information retrieval, lucene/solr etc. A senior role at venture backed startup opening up a new office in NYC so you would be part of an early team. We already have a product in the market and customers/revenue!

Lots of perks - good salary, equity, unlimited vacations etc.

More here: http://platform.newscred.com/jobs

Just out of interest: How does unlimited vacation work? I guess you can buy more days of holiday with your salary?

One or two jobs ago this sort of policy was explained to me as: "If you are getting your work done we don't care how much time you take off. If you are not getting your work done we also don't care how much time you take off"

Combined with perpetual crunch time, it has the potential to be an anti-perk (since then you won't ever get paid for those days).

Nope, you just take as much as you want/need. We dont put restrictions, but expect our team to be respectful and not abuse. As long as you work hard, you can play hard. The type of people we hire understand that and we have never had a problem in the past 2+ years.

Dropped you guys an email, but apologies for the dup sent to platform@.

Shameless plug - http://www.startupshiring.com/

Hope to have a whole bunch of new features out in the next week or two that will make the site even more useful!

Making it international might help.

I'm not sure if you have international positions, the zip code search means I can't even be sure that just entering London would work (I get 404's when I try with values that I think should work if it were international).

Thanks for the feedback. Expanding international is definitely in the road map. There are a few companies outside the US that are posted, but unfortunately the location search wont find them.

Site looks great, well done!

Posterous is hiring Rails Engineers and Infrastructure Engineers - San Francisco

We're a YC-funded startup that's working on posting the world's information. We're just 7 engineers and looking to hire people who love the consumer web, believe in simplicity, and want to work on a website that can be used by billions of people.

On the infrastructure side, we're growing to one of the largest Rails sites in the world. There's a ton we do every day to keep a complex environment humming since Posterous does so much (media transcode of video, audio, photos, autoposting to millions of sites, and more, geo, importing, embed expansion, etc). Every day is a new challenge.


We're open to telecommute but haven't done it before.

Flickr is hiring!

Specifically, we are looking for an amazing front-end developer with great mobile experience (iPhone, mobile browsers, etc.). We are located in the Financial District in San Francisco, CA. The work is challenging, your coworkers are sharp, and the atmosphere is tons of fun and you get to work on a product that millions of people use daily.

My email address is nolan AT nolancaudill DOT com. I'd love to hear from you.

LogicBlox, Atlanta, GA

- Database Systems Hacker, C++,

- Compiler Hacker, Java

- Application developer, no specific language requirement, but logic programming/Java/python helpful.

Are you bored with working on just another web app? Do you have the balls and the skills to work for a company that is going to bring a paradigm shift to the way software is built? LogicBlox is building a purely declarative application development platform composed of a dialect of Datalog (DatalogLB), and a scalable and performant database engine that evaluates DatalogLB programs over large datasets.

Check available positions and contact info here: http://logicblox.com/career/index.html

I was hired one year ago and I have to say that it's a pleasure to work here. The atmosphere is awesome and it's a continuous learning and rewarding experience.

I've just spent three months this summer interning for these guys. They're a really energetic, intelligent company, and an absolute pleasure to work for.

Dev Ops Engineer for RockMelt..a hot start-up in Mountain View(the heart of Silicon Valley) California. RockMelt is a one year old start up ,still in stealth mode, with fewer than thirty people and plenty of funding, backed by some of the best names in Silicon Valley. Our team is talented and driven and full of fun. Our market is huge and proven. If we are successful, our product will change the way people use the Internet every day. Every day is a pretty exciting day at RockMelt. We’re an enthusiastic group and are most interested in candidates who are passionate about technology and about building something grand. We are looking for a Development Ops Engineer who will play a big part in our development efforts. Initially, a big part of this position is to focus on the merger of an open source code to our own RockMelt code. Responsibilities: - Handle daily merging between RockMelt development and our upstream source. - Develop and maintain continuous integration/build system. - Assist QA with developing automated testing. - Toolsmithing to assist developers. Preferred Experience: - Linux/Unix configuration/administration. - Shell scripting. Python expertise highly desirable. - Proficient with at least one DVCS. Git expertise highly desirable. - Familiarity with MSVS and X-Code. - Familiarity with C++ and Objective-C. We offer competitive salaries along with generous equity and an employer paid health plan. email: marilynn@rockmelt.com

Network Forensic Analyst - Reading/Hertfordshire, UK

Reporting into the head of technical you will work initially in the Reading office then deployed on projects involving network forensics (using NetWitness, Wireshark etc.), reverse engineering and live host forensics.

http://www.mandalorian.com/ we're a small independent information security consultancy providing bleeding edge security testing and advanced incident response services. We have a good atmosphere, flexible environment and are based in central Reading.

I'm at G5 Search Marketing in Bend, Oregon and we're hiring for a bunch of positions: http://www.g5searchmarketing.com/jobs/

We just closed a $15 Million Investment from Volition Capital and really need to staff up our engineering department. We're a rails shop so the usual skills in Ruby, MySQL, nginx, agile, etc. are what we're looking for. These positions are onsite, but Bend Oregon is a fantastic place to live.

A key hire we're especially looking for is a VP of Engineering.

I love Bend! Too bad you aren't a python shop. :)

Startup Software Engineer - Vancouver, Canada (remote development is fine)


Sokanu is a social learning platform aimed at helping individuals find their passion in life. The idea came about last year when I was finishing high school and I noticed that the majority of my classmates had no particular idea as to what they were going to do with the rest of their lives. Most people ended up taking generic courses at the same universities. Around the world, people struggle with the question, "what am I going to do with the rest of my life?".

So we decided to start a company with the focus of solving that problem. Our goal is to be the place on the Internet that people go to find the career that matches their passion.

We are looking for a C# developer to help us finish our alpha product (70% complete) and continue as the leading engineer to build the company into the future. Full job description available here: http://jobs.startupnorth.ca/job/startup-c-software-engineer-...

If you would like more info or would like to apply, please send an email to jobs@sokanu.com Thanks so much!

OpenSky is hiring software engineers. Based in NYC, USA.

OpenSky is where passion, relationships and commerce meet. Building the next ecommerce platform is a lot of work. Join us and help us build something great. We have a number of different places where you can help. Whether you are front-end,back-end or somewhere in between.

You should:

   * Use (and contribute to) 
        * MongoDB 
        * Symfony 2
        * Doctrine 2
        * PHP 5.3
        * PHPUnit 3.5
        * jQuery
        * node.js
        * Git (with gitflow) 
        * a touch of Java and Python. 
   * Be comfortable in a start-up and all that goes with it.
   * Care deeply about 
        * the code you write
        * the product you build 
        * the team you join and work with.
   * Have 5+ years experience building fast growing, high traffic websites 
   * ecommerce and social networking experience.
   * Strong PHP (HTML & JS) skills with proficiency in at least 2 other languages.
   * Contribute to Open Source (we do).

Austin, TX


Looking for an experienced web developer who loves news and is comfortable at all levels of the web app stack. (Interns would be nice, too.) We use Django, but Django experience isn't a requirement, just a plus. You'd be joining a team that builds our main website and content management system, as well as nifty web apps that make government data more accessible to the public. The work is fulfilling for me, and hopefully it would be for you too.

Our team is tiny and the hacker/journalism field is still nascent, so the things you do are likely to get recognized within the field, and hopefully by the public as well. Since we're one of the bigger non-profit local/regional news organizations out there, people like to write about us, so if you do good work, it'll get noticed, which is nice.

If you're interested, fill out the survey: http://trib.it/ttdevjob

I just took the survey, I hope I got all the answers correct!

MakeLeaps is hiring - Tokyo, Japan

We're currently looking for a designer, and Python programmers. Starting off with contract, moving to permanent positions.

Please apply to jobs at makeleaps.com. Telecommuting is fine.

Not to hijack this thread. But a contract/consulting gigs ask hn similar to this would be great !

I am myself interested in Chicago area/telecommute and something server/Linux/perl/ruby related.

That is a great idea.

Yup, I just posted a Ask HN @ http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1661905 . Lets see how it goes ! Prolly the timing might be a bit off due to the labor day weekend ?

Linux Kernel Engineer, Telecommute/Flexible time/Anywhere in the world.

Experienced: Talented linux kernel engineer with experience on kernel internals, C programming and open source tools.

Graduate: Good C programmer, smart, hard working, open to learning and enthusiastic about kernel programming.

We virtualize Linux on our hypervisor for ARM architecture.

I'm a little interested, do you have a URL with more info?

Sure: http://www.b-labs.com/cdocs/b_labs_job_position.txt

This was for the experienced post, but for a hard working enthusiastic individual we can consider lesser experience. Also here's the project site: http://www.l4dev.org/

Thanks, I meet most of the required skills on your list. Is the best way to get in touch the email address in your HN profile?

Yes, please get in contact by email. I would be interested to hear about what you have done in the past and what interests you in this area.

Nasuni - Natick, MA

We're building the next-generation cloud storage gateway (virtual NAS) and have a rock solid, professional and experienced team, and an awesome product. We're located in Natick MA (just outside boston). We are looking for local (or desiring to become local) candidates, but all are free to apply.


* Inside Sales Representative

* Sales Engineer

* Maketing Coordinator

* Channel Manager

* Writer (this one is special (near and dear to me)): Nasuni is looking for a strong writer with the ability to craft drama from technicality. As part of the marketing team, it will be the writer’s task to communicate Nasuni’s vision, as well as general industry knowledge, to our target market. Candidates should be self-motivated individuals, with a passion for Information Technology, who can tell compelling stories.

I've met the Nasuni guys, and they have a product that I'm really excited about. If they can get something that is for consumers (rather than businesses), I will be a customer. They have exactly what I am looking for: a local cache of cloud storage that can be accessed at local net speeds and has the scale of the backing cloud storage.

Javascript Engineer @ Meebo - Mountain View, CA / New Yawk, NY USA

We're looking for people who really enjoy coding Javascript as their core language. Stuff we're working on right now:

* A completely vector driven UI layer (in SVG/VML/CSS3 where available)

* Improving the way our applications are delivered to the browser (app caching, css parser and inline image encoding, code optimization engines)

* Improving our JS network transport layer that talks to the server gateways. Almost everything we do is asynchronous since we do IM and notifications (comet/async)

* Fast session and UI state transitions across page loads

* On the server side, we do a lot with couchDB too.

http://www.meebo.com/jobs/openings/ or ping me directly: jian AT meebo-inc DOT com

We don't normally do remote/tele but we should still talk if you find this stuff as interesting as we do. :)

Chomp - SOMA, San Francisco - 6 engineers http://www.chomp.com

We're hiring for software engineers to build the app discovery engine that helps people find apps they need and the apps they don't know they need now.

We're working on a variety of areas from search, ranking relevance, data mining, crawling to applying topic modeling as a way to change the way people search.

Check out the MobileBeat article here: http://mobile.venturebeat.com/2010/08/23/chomps-iphone-app-b...

We're also looking for a Visual/Product Designer (to own design and branding of Chomp across mobile and web platforms) and an iPhone Engineer!

Note to everyone who posted an open position here - we might all find it interesting if, after a few days, you post a reply to your own thread characterizing the responses you received: how many, how relevant, and what caught your eye about the most interesting ones.

Demand Media - Santa Monica, CA and Austin, TX, USA

We're hiring for a number of our properties including: eHow, LIVESTRONG, Cracked, Tyra, and Demand Studios.

Demand is a great place to work with a fun atmosphere and a lot to offer: great benefits, high scale and high profile projects, fun diversions (on-site game room, parties), flexible schedules, smart, fun people, stocked kitchens, serious hardware, and awesome locations.

We're mainly looking for:

  * PHP Developers
  * C# Engineers
  * Python Engineers
  * UI Engineers (Front-end, JS/jQuery)
We have a lot going on and tons of projects coming up, check out: http://www.demandmedia.com/jobs/

Ruby/Scala/Objective-C devs - London, UK - funded early stage startup.

We're looking for smart people to work on customer loyalty 2.0. Drive foot traffic & loyalty at physical retail stores using the power of smartphones & location-aware applications.

We're well-funded & have an application on the AppStore already (see moviesnowapp.com), a few others are on the way.

Within AppSpark, you'll be free to work on whatever you enjoy to help drive this vision forward as we feel its important for you to own a project and feel passionate about it.

If you enjoy working on hard technical problems and want to develop software that has a measurable impact on user behaviour, shoot me a mail at nc@appspark.us.

Operations Engineer - San Francisco, USA (no remote)

Mixpanel is looking for someone to help us automate and manage our infrastructure. Primary skills are python and chef or puppet. This probably won't take all of your time, so it's likely you'll also work on product stuff.

About Mixpanel: YCS09, we're an analytics company currently tracking ~1 billion requests per month for companies like Slide, Bebo, and Posterous.

Tech stack: python & django, js & jquery, mongodb, mysql, erlang

Full job post: http://mixpanel.com/jobs Contact: tim@mixpanel.com

10gen, the company that started the MongoDB project and provides commercial support for Mongo, is hiring in both NYC and Bay Area offices.


Software Engineer – Cupertino, CA


Working on the iWork team. Our apps are the top grossing on the iPad app store. The job is dealing with how documents are persisted to storage; lots of interesting problems dealing with a scale that most other iPad apps aren't anywhere close to yet. You'll also be working on iWork for the Mac. It's a fun, distributed team and your work will be used by a huge audience.

Sorry, no telecommuting.


Software Eng, UI Designer - Iowa City, IA, US (we're mostly remote AND on-site, what!): Cramerdev, Inc. http://cramerdev.com/employment, hr@cramerdev.com

Software Engineer, you'd be working in Rails mostly, but we also have PHP properties. We prefer generalists, and aren't afraid of wacky ideas or horribly new untested technology.

User Interface Designer, we want inspired and usable design period. You'd be working with this cat: http://iamdanielmarino.com/

All you have to do is impress us. Here's some stuff we've been up to: http://www.crunchbase.com/company/diyseo - do it yourself seo with tons of background workers, clean idiomatic js, and beautiful design. Rails. http://www.mriprotocols.org/ - a github for MRI technicians and their crazy $500k machines. Rails. http://www.arearugs.com/ - you know, where you get you some area rugs :) PHP

At the "cram", whose shortened name I just made up, we enjoy balancing work with life and making both devs and clients happy. I mean, extraordinarily happy. We hang out on Skype all day and do the work that is real, meaningful work, and not just some job. Excellence is expected.

Think - Palo Alto, CA (on-site preferred)

We make FaceCash (http://www.facecash.com) and we're always looking for good LAMP developers and designers.

New Business Executive - Reading/Anywhere UK

I thought I'd do this as a separate one to the other as it's a different skill set and reporting line.

We're currently looking for a New Business Executive to generate new business sales for our security testing and incident response services as well as to start ramping up for a new managed service we're launching early next year. The new service has some incredible USPs, the company's a nice place to work with good people and uncapped commission. Contact details on my profile.

JavaScript Developer (Wearer of Many Hats) - Vancouver, Canada


Mobify is a mobile web company. We're changing the way people surf the mobile web. We work with traditional publishers like Wired and SPIN Magazine as well as top websites like BoingBoing and Smashing Magazine.

We're looking for more devs to help us take our client side interactions to the next level. If it's your dream to optimize the performance of top mobile websites drop us a line!

john at mobify dot me.

Python Devs who want to build a healthcare product that is fixing a big part of healthcare pain for patients and doctors. Looking for thoughtful pros, not egos and code ninjas.


Parent company: http://www.innova-partners.com/main/developers. We have virtually no turnover and treat people with respect.

Contact mscantland at covermymeds dot com.

Columbus, Ohio, no telecommute

Meetup.com - New York, NY (NOHO) USA

Meetup is looking for a all kinds of engineers (QA, Frontend, Backend (for our API and otherwise)) as well a Senior Systems Administrator. We're mostly java with a bit of python (jython and cpython), as well as some ruby and perl. And, although we operate very much like a startup, we enjoy lots of nice perks and benefits.

Check out http://www.meetup.com/jobs/ for more information and to apply.

Just interviewed there last week for a PM position.. put in a good word for a fellow HNer!

Montreal, Canada - Telecommute

Rails based webapp (http://www.nimonikapp.ca) undergoing massive changes and integration with iPad/iPhone app in large market. Looking for partner/employee with rails skills. Full job ad here: http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AZgzPWgGhEebZGc3MnpmZzdfND...

Developers of all types, multiple locations (with most in the SF and bay area)

The YCommonApp is a common application for applying to YC-funded startups. There are over 30 companies hiring through it, and they're looking for everything from Rails devs to systems-type C hackers to frontend people. You can apply in about 10 minutes and see a list of the companies hiring here: http://ycommonapp.com

Maybe I had a uniquely-bad experience, but I heard basically nothing after submitting my YCommonApp nearly a month ago.

Software Artisan - Pune, India

We at Infinitely Beta (http://infinitelybeta.com) are the creators of Paisa (http://paisa.com).

We are looking for a software generalist. The keywords are - #clojure #python #aws #mongodb #linux #javascript #css #design #usability #ux

This is a full time position. Please email jobs at infinitelybeta.com and mention HN on the email to get noticed.

My friends at Mendeley in London are looking for a good sysadmin.


Alphonso Labs (makers of Pulse News Reader for iPad/iPhone/Android devices) is hiring. We're a small team, but we're profitable, quick and scrappy.

We're looking for:

iPhone and iPad developers to work out of our downtown Palo Alto, CA office full-time

Interaction designers to work part-time or full-time - must be able to come into the office sometimes to check in

If interested, check out our site - www.alphonsolabs.com and shoot an email/resume over to cc@alphonsolabs.com

Looking for tech co-founder - Kyiv, Ukraine

Cloud-based web-charting with social functions. Contacts in the profile. Feel free to contact any time.

UPD: Remote cooperation is OK.

Albany, NY Vicarious Visions (an Activision studio)

I work at a pretty amazing gaming studio and we're always looking for solid c++ developers. I've heard so many horror stories about working in the gaming industry and I can assure you at the studio I work at it is quite the opposite. Great people, amazingly fun environment, and we get paid to make video games!

email me if you are interested. jreine AT vvisions DOT com

Cloudkick - San Francisco (Mission District)(no telecommute, sorry)

Cloudkick, we're YC company building next generation of IT products to help companies manage their infrastructure, in the cloud or data center.

--Frontend Web Developer --Deployment Developer --Customer Happiness Tech --Developer Internship (paid) --Ops Internship (paid) --...+ more...



Back-end Ruby devs, front-end devs, full-stack devs - San Francisco, CA, USA

Here's the standard boilerplate from our job postings:

CrowdFlower is changing the way work gets done. We build a quality control system that distributes work to half a mlilion people around the world, and analyzes the results to guarantee the highest possible accuracy. We have a real business model, our revenues are growing, and we're venture-backed. We also have a sweet office in the Mission at 16th and Valencia. It's taco time—all the time.

We offer an array of excellent benefits: health insurance, new MacBook Pros, 30" monitors, free drinks and snacks, indoor bike parking, and flexible work hours. Also, we boast the biggest collection of office plants this side of the Mississippi.

But really, there's no more exciting place to work as a developer right now.

If you're interested in learning more about what it's like to work here, email me at tyson@crowdflower.com I'll spill all our secrets!

Here's our job list: http://crowdflower.jobscore.com/jobs/crowdflower/list

Senior RoR/Sinatra Dev - San Francisco

http://librato.com is a small, venture-backed company delivering application monitoring and workload management as a service. We've got a great team, high profile initial customers, and a new office in San Francisco. Strongly prefer local candidates. If your interested shoot me your resume to joe _@_ librato.com.

Millennial Media is hiring for positions in Baltimore and San Francisco.

Web Developer, Baltimore, http://bit.ly/dgW121 Mobile Developer, San Francisco, http://bit.ly/dvs8a7

No telecommuting, although both positions will work with other members of the Labs team that are located in Baltimore and San Francisco.

Software Engineer - New York, USA

Patch.com is looking for both front- and back-end engineers. I'm one of the back-end devs there, and my job is so awesome that I'm posting this of my own volition.

We're a rails shop that's really proud of our engineering team. Some of the things we built are:

* Sunspot - outoftime.github.com/sunspot - The most popular Ruby interface to Solr/Lucene for full-text search

* Template Streaming - github.com/oggy/template_streaming - Progressive Rendering for rails (which may become part of core eventually)

* HTML Namespacing - github.com/adamh/html_namespacing - This is some craziness the likes of which I can't explain in a text area

* Record Filter - aub.github.com/record_filter - It's like Arel++ for rails 2.3

Patch is a hyperlocal news site, but we're different because we have physical editors that live in the same town, covering it daily. We recently had (2 weeks ago) a media blitz where we opened our 100th town. Since then we've hit 130, so we're growing _very_ quickly.

We're owned by Aol but we have our own place in SoHo, which means great lunch options!

Telecommuting isn't an option, sorry.

Send me a message! tomc{at}patch

We are hiring a senior ruby developer at www.xing.com for our development team in Barcelona, Spain. Fulltime only and preferably with a EU work permit (although it might be possible for non-EU citizen to apply depending on the complexity of getting a work permit for them)

We are a small team of 12 people total with HQ in Hamburg Germany. Very laid back and easy going environment. Lot's of exiting stuff going on in the next couple of years.

If you got a mixed background that's a plus to as we have a wide variety of challenges and opportunities to make a mark for yourself. And we also provide spanish classes :). You'll be working in one of our two product teams that practice Scrumm primarily on our rails application and helping to drive the product forward with the product manager.

I'm the team lead in Barcelona and have been with Xing for 12 months now. It's a great company to work for and a great gang of developers, frontend developer and qa people all working closely together.

Ping me if you are interested on


Sorry no telecommute

Toronto, ON.

Myplanet (www.myplanetdigital.com)

Job title: Emperor. (we don't have job titles)

Who you are: Brilliant software developer with an iron grasp on PHP. A tinkerer of the highest order. Bonus points for other languages/frameworks/musical talents.

Why you'd want to work here: We're growing. Fast. 300% this year. We're no-nonsense. We work on really cool projects. We're soon launching some amazing products. The average age of our team is 24. We are obscenely ambitious. We only hire smart people. Benefits are included. We'll soon be starting an options program. And if you live in the US, we'll walk you through the process of getting set up in Canada. If you get sick, there are no copays here. ;-)

What we do: We help organizations use the web to become customer-obsessed. We're developing novel product out of our client work this year to launch next year. We think they're going to be really, really big.

How to get in touch: Email me at dustin @ myplanetdigital.com

An even better way to get in touch: Tell me about/show me an awesome project you've worked on for fun.

Java/Flash/Automation Engineers (and more) - Redwood City (SF Bay Area), CA, USA

EA2D (http://ea2d.com)

We're a new division of EA focused on bringing big-name titles to the browser. Think Halo on Facebook, but with EA titles. We work in small, cross-functional teams, so each engineer has a huge impact on game and systems design. We're autonomous of EA, so we can use the tools we want without all the red tape (GitHub, AWS, choice of Mac/Linux/Windows, etc.), and the stack that fits our model best (Flash+Java+Cassandra+EC2 on Facebook to start). And we're a new division, so you can help define our studio culture and processes.

Of course, being part of a large company has its advantages: nice hardware, excellent comp., onsite gym+soccer+basketball+volleyball, great food, free games, and more.

For the full listing of jobs, see http://www.ea2d.com/jobs/

Bonus points for gamers. Double points for mad foosball skills.

Contact me directly: mikeb@ea2d.com

Zach Klein posted a list of Startup Jobs -- Mostly NYC and SF based


For Boston Perl people, both Liaison International (http://www.liaison-intl.com/careers/index.html) and Shoebuy (http://www.shoebuy.com/contact/employment.jsp) are hiring.

Both are offering Perl+SQL web development jobs.

Quizlet.com (educational tools / study games) - San Francisco, CA

We're looking for:

-- Both front-end and backend engineers. PHP, MySQL, Javascript/Ajax, UI design/CSS, etc.

-- A smart marketing person passionate about web + education

We're a small, fast moving team and have a lot of traction (over 1 million registered users).

Email me at phil@quizlet.com if you're interested.


Flex/Flash/HTML/MySQL/PHP developer - London, UK .

Initially 3 month contract. Rolling or permanent possibility.

Famous media/publishing company - by the river. Doing some innovative stuff. We've an excellent canteen, friendly people, really good bookshelf. Competitive rates. Please feel free to email james . kent a-t pearson .com

Must work on-site in central London (no telecommute, sorry).

LeftRight, Pittsburgh PA

Mobile Social game maker, working on really interesting projects now. Profitable! Yes!

We are experiencing rapid growth and so we are hiring for up our core team in place.

Info on Startuply: http://www.startuply.com/Companies/LeftRight_Studios_1161.as...

Hiring for these positions: Ruby on Rails Backend Developer - http://www.startuply.com/Jobs/Ruby_on_Rails_Backend_Develope...

iPhone Software Engineer - http://www.startuply.com/Jobs/iPhone_Software_Engineer_1332_...

Rails Software Intern - http://www.startuply.com/Jobs/Rails_Software_Intern_1332_1.a...

Forward Internet group, London, UK (www.forward.co.uk)

We work on a number of exciting internet brands: Omio.com, GetInvisibleHand.com, uSwitch.co.uk, JustCages.co.uk, Gloport.com and our digital agency Forward3d.co.uk.

We're a fantastic company to work for: nice people, good salaries and the perks like taking the entire company to Disneyland, Las Vegas etc on regular basis. We grew from a 1 man band 6 years ago into a 130-strong, profitable company today with no investment and we're still growing.

We're looking for very smart, entrepreneurial people who take initiative, embrace risks and deliver good results. Most of the brands we're working on were born inside the company.

It's really a great place to be, so if this (http://www.forward.co.uk/careers) sounds good to you, let me know: evgeny.shadchnev@forward.co.uk

Pink OTC Markets, a small information technology company located in SoHo is hiring. We operates an electronic quotation and trading system in the over-the-counter (OTC) securities market and are the third-largest U.S. trading venue after the NYSE and NASDAQ for equity shares.

We are looking for a mid-to-senior level Java developer to work on our back-end transactional systems, which we are in the midst of re-architecting to achieve lower messaging latencies and higher availability. You will get a great deal of autonomy as well as responsibility. The position requires strong technical skills, superior knowledge of Java and related technologies, and excellent systems architecture skills. Experience with architecting trading solutions and designing trading systems components is a huge plus.

Please send your resume to jobs@pinkotc.com.

Wikimedia Foundation, Senior Research Analysts, San Francisco

The organization behind Wikipedia is hiring a lot of people this year and the next. Here's the latest job posting:

We're looking for analysts in two different areas, Strategy and Global Development. Both of these positions start with quantitative analysis, but one is more focused on the websites and the other on fostering the global community. This is not just boring log analysis; we need people who are very independent and creative.



Java - Engineer, Luxembourg, Europe.

We are searching at least 3 more developers in the fields of search & automatic content/site extraction, crawling, duplicate content, news/spam detection.

We do content fetching and aggregation (news,message boards, blogs, ...) for market research institutes, media analytics companies, etc...

We are still relative small (mostly Harvard, ETH Zurich, and TU Munich graduates), so you are still able to actively shape our company.

If you are from abroad, and want to experience a different culture for a few months/years (some even stayed here their entire life ;)) in a small french/german/english speaking country, why not join?

We can also offer internships for a few months (probably 6).


Just drop me (thibaut) a mail (or call) if you are interested or need more information!

Web Application Engineers, IxD, Support, QA - Chicago/San Francisco, USA

Centro is writing web apps in Ruby and Javascript with the intent of overthrowing the tyranny of Excel and Fax machines in digital media planning.

We are looking for developers, support staff, QA and interaction designers to join our team in Chicago. We will consider highly qualified remote candidates as well.

We're also working on starting a team at our sales office in San Francisco. If you're a Ruby expert with experience putting together teams in SF, please hit us up.

Buzzword bingo and further information is on our GitHub job post at http://jobs.github.com/positions/4463ed90-a175-11df-9567-22d... or hit me up at josh.davison @ [name of our company, above] .net if you have questions.

Anyone in london looking for sys admins with ruby experience?

Amsterdam, NL also possible? If so ping me on twitter (http://twitter.com/spif).

Entry-Level Developer - King of Prussia (~Philadelphia) - No Telecommuting.

ReminderMedia is a small company (~50 employees) that produces American Lifestyle magazine -- a marketing tool aimed at helping our customers build and maintain relationships with their clients.

We're currently in the process of moving our account interface to Zend Framework and will begin doing the same with our CRM in the near future. New feature development typically comes in the form of automating processes for the other departments.

Check out our latest job posting (http://www.remindermedia.com/careers/jr-software-developer-p...) or email me directly at jcampbell [at] remindermedia.com

Are you really finding it that hard to fill the position, or do you need more than one? Looking over your posts you mentioned looking for an entry-level dev about 300 days ago...

Curious whether this is an indication of scarcity of developers in the greater Philly area or not.

We've hired two in about the last 300 days and continue to look for more. Your question does make it clear that the copy in the job posting is weird. I'll get it updated with something that doesn't make it seem like we've had no luck for over a year.

In terms of the scarcity, to me it seems like there is but I've only done hiring in this area so I don't have anything to compare it to.

London-based agency We Make Websites are looking for Drupal freelancers based anywhere, more detail: http://www.drupal.org.uk/wanted/we-make-websites-are-searchi...

Austin Tx,

Gowalla (http://gowalla.com)

Job Listings: http://gowalla.com/jobs

Looking for: Android Developer, Ruby Developer, Digital Illustrator + Iconographer, and a University Coordinator

I just started as a ruby dev, and this is by far the best place i've ever worked (http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1652960 ). If you don't know Gowalla is a location based social network, whose main purpose is to get people to explore and discover new things around them. We're expanding our offices in downtown Austin, which is a truly amazing city.

If you're interested you can email jobs@gowalla.com or you can send me a message through my HN contact info.

Good thread, Cheers!

OpenBet.com - London, UK. http://www.openbet.com/careers/overview


We have a variety of technical positions available including Architecture, Development and Development Support roles. OpenBet is a supplier of sports betting and casino software. There is no remote working for new recruits however along with the London office there are small, start up satellite offices in Canada, Australia and China.

OpenBet has a flat structure with projects driven by a mixture of Customer and R&D. The emphasis is on problem solving as opposed to use of specific technologies. Critical areas of focus are high transaction and real-time transaction throughput with zero downtime.

Business co-founder - Portland, OR

Technical co-founder - Portland, OR

Awesome developer - Portland, OR

I am starting PHP Fog, which is a service like Heroku for PHP. We deploy and scale your PHP applications seamlessly in the cloud for you. You focus on development, we focus on deployment.

Ping me a lucas@phpfog.com for more information.

Why do you need a business co-founder and a technical co-founder? I guess I'm just wondering what your role in the company is?

I am looking for one or the other, I am doing both right now and am looking for someone who can offset one of them very well.

You should work out whether you are a better engineer or business person and search based on what's not covered.

EG: It would suck if you are a great engineer, and ended up with an ok engineer co-founder doing the engineering whilst leaving you with the business stuff (which might not be your forte). You could have had a better engineer (you) and a better business person (someone who is just business).

At a higher level, I wouldn't even look for a business orientated co-founder. Just get another developer, or if it's appropriate, someone who is more design and product focused. The business can take care of itself through advisors and just picking stuff up yourself.

Good luck!

Hard-Core C++/Systems Programming - Cape Town, South Africa

Good sense of design, Modern C++, compilers, source-to-source translation, object persistence, multi-threading, etc:


Hmm. Sou baie interessant gewees het. Pity I'm too preoccupied with existing projects.. Maybe another year, and I'll look you guys up again.

Senior Software Engineer, NYC


PhotoShelter is the leader in websites and tools for serious photographers. Over 60,000 photographers worldwide use our system - including some of the top photographers in the world. We're fast-growing, venture-backed, profitable and offer a laid-back environment in our beautiful Union Square loft office space. We offer competitive salaries, stock options, and great benefits. We are an equal opportunity employer, but seriously, read the job description before you blindly send us your resume. This is a SENIOR engineering position.

More info: http://www.photoshelter.com/about/index/jobs/engineer

Senior Full Stack Rails Engineer - Cambridge, MA USA

Full Stack Rails Engineer - Cambridge, MA USA


Blueleaf is an angel-funded (Alexis Ohanian - kn0thing - is our most prominent investor amongst this community) startup working on next-generation personal financial planning solutions. We're a world-class team of six people: three engineers, one designer, one CEO, and one marketer (me). People in the Boston area or who can move themselves to the Boston area strongly preferred (sorry!). Instead of copy/pasting, I'll assume you can click the link above since HNers can actually read.

That looks interesting; how are you going to beat Mint?

Core Engineer - San Francisco, CA

We're working on building a ton of cool shit right now at http://gdgt.com and need one, or two, addition engineers to help us power through.

* Feel right at home building core features in OO PHP5.

* Write code so clean, fast, and elegant, you might just hang it on your mantle.

* Have solid MySQL and relational db skills.

* Know your JS, jQuery, memcached, APC, and JSON.

* Love finding solutions to complex problems and putting them to work in a way that scales.

* Are disciplined and efficient in your approach to architecture and stability.

* Have absolutely no love of IE6.

Send your resume into jobs@gdgt.com or apply here http://gdgt.com/contact/#jobs?ref=HN

Java/C#/JS developers at Wingspan Technology at Blue Bell, PA

We're a small company in the Philly suburbs that with several products integrating Documentum and Sharepoint. We're growing and looking for new engineers. We do most of our work in Java (cross-compile to .NET) - lots of javascript too. You don't need to know Documentum or Sharepoint to apply, just general programming skills.

If you're interested, please email rvolpe@wingspan.com.

http://www.wingspan.com http://careers.stackoverflow.com/Jobs/8344?campaign=List

Developers - London

A friend is looking for a couple of people to establish/extend:

Location based mobile applications: Web site front end, both for users and companies Application back end; using geo-location.

Chuck me a message if you want the full PDF.

edit:email address now in my profile

  System Administrator - OpenDNS - San Francisco, CA
  Network Administrator - OpenDNS - San Francisco, CA
11+ datacenters, lots of servers, lots of bandwidth, lots of users. Great company. Great opportunity.

Datasphere - Drupal UI Developer: http://datasphere.com/content/drupal-ui-developer

Must be located in the Seattle area, or willing to move.

We are looking for people who know Drupal. The dev team is a small and passionate group. Drupal is only part of what we do; we have a lot of talent. Scrum based development. We are backed by Ignition Partners and rapidly expanding. http://www.ignitionpartners.com/portfolio/business_it/?#entr...

Looks like we just re-did our job postings. http://datasphere.com/careers is where to find all the positions

Javascript/CSS/HTML5 Senior front-end engineer - Secaucus, NJ, USA (NYC area)

http://www.prg.com (PRG) is the world’s leading supplier of entertainment and event technology, including state-of-the-art audio, video, lighting, rigging, scenery and automation solutions.

We are looking for a front-end lead with strong mobile uix experience to join our team developing our product that we hope will change the way large conferences are planned, managed, and run. if you're interested send me an e-mail at ismith _ @ _ prg dot com

Factual is hiring in West Los Angeles, though I think we could make things work with someone in the SF bay area if the fit is great.

Our goal is to be the place where people meet to share, improve, and mash-up data. We have an awesome team, and an incredible CEO (he was the co-founder of Applied Semantics, which was sold to Google and became AdSense)

We're looking for awesome Java generalists. Bonus points for MapReduce, NoSQL or machine learning expertise.


You can also email me personally at leo -at- factual.com

Got another one here: Hadoop/Java Developer - San Francisco, USA (Contract to perm, no telecommute, but work out a 4 day onsite work situation)

Top Silicon Valley tech firm (think old world internet, but still a relevant business model) is looking to completely revamp their back-end search and storage infrastructure with a massive Hadoop cluster (will rival Yahoo's and Facebook's when completed). They are hiring a team of core Java developers with experience building out Hadoop clusters.

Drop me a line: trent.krupp@constitutionllp.com

Java Developers, Web Devs using Ext/Java and also looking for a Java/Web app Performance Tester - Austin, TX(no telecommute, sorry)

Trying to ramp up quickly(next couple weeks) on a Java Workflow based web application. Generally looking for contract work, however permanent is also a possibility depending on the skill set.

Contact me directly @ enoren@gmail.com for more info

Other dev positions are available as well(Java, Mobile, J2EE, JQuery, etc) on other projects so if you are in Austin feel free to contact me and maybe we can find a match elsewhere.

We're hiring developers, ops and QA at the Rubicon Project - Los Angeles or Seattle, USA


Engineer - London - Facebook


Come join us!

Rails Engineers - Atlanta, GA, USA


We aren't a startup, more of a small business now with about 50 employees, but we are a profitable Rails shop looking to add a few good developers to the team. We're in the social media space, currently targeting enterprise customers, doing the majority of our work on Facebook's platform.

Stuff we like: Apple, Ruby, Rails, MySQL, no SQL, the cloud.

We offer a competitive salary and ownership options.

Perks: Tech books, excellent insurance, paid parking, ping pong, and a MAME cabinet in the office.

Interested? Check us out at www.vitrue.com/jobs

scala/ruby/obj-c/javascript dev - Boston, MA, USA (telecommute)

We're building Jarvis from Iron Man -- but our first iteration is more mobile and alarm clock focused (http://getzazu.com). We've been featured in the New York Times, presented at TechCrunch Disrupt, and are currently finalists in the PepsiCo 10 Challenge.

If those languages don't fit you, we'd still be interested in talking.

Shoot me an email at marc@getzazu.com

Junior Python/Django/Postgres developers - Oakland, CA

We specialize in energy efficiency program and project design, implementation, and marketing, as well as solar and other renewable energy system feasibility studies, project development and financing and water conservation programs. We (obviously) build web apps to support these programs.

more: http://energy-solution.com/jobs.html

Software Engineer - SF

Scribd is hiring for a few different positions.

We work in ruby, but there is plenty of java, python, and other variety mixed in when it makes sense.

The engineering team is comprised of many of HN readers who genuinely enjoy what they do and are driven to solve challenging problems. If you are interested, you can check out our jobs page or email me directly with any questions.


Twilio is hiring for several engineering roles

  * Senior Engineer - core technologies
  * Lead Engineer - web dev team
  * DevOps Engineer
  * Front End / Web Engineer (entry level is cool, too)
None of these are telecommute at the moment (sorry). We're based in San Francisco, CA and build APIs for cloud communications. More at http://www.twilio.com

Quora is hiring, I'm not involved with them, but pretty baller product - http://www.quora.com/jobs

This is a rather timely inquiry, I'll jump on the band wagon: I'm moving to London next week.

I'm a computational biologist / computer scientist with a background in algorithmic design and programming languages. Currently I'm employed as a research scientist at Brigham & Women's Hospital. I love finding robust and efficient solutions to hard problems.


Barclays Capital IBD. Esoteric ABS. Need to be highly intelligent, technical, quantitative, passionate and passionate about something worth while.

Software Engineers @ Google - Santa Monica, CA, USA


A bit ago, we made a video about what it's like here too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPswhOg5-UY

Linux Administrator - Monroe MI, USA

MNX Solutions is a managed service and consulting company. We manage Linux (and other Unix) systems, providing consulting, 24x7 monitoring and support. We are looking for an experienced Linux administrator to join our team.

For more detail visit http://www.mnxsolutions.com/jobs

Telecommuting is not an option for this position.

Career Element Job Fairs in September and October (SF, NY, Seattle, Berkeley, Santa Clara):

Register yourself or your company at: www.careerelement.com/jobfair

Also, we are launching on September 30th at our Santa Clara job fair! And, we are looking for more talented software engineers! We are an angel funded startup with a bunch of talented engineers from Stanford, MIT, Google, Yahoo, Oracle, and more!

Java developers, business analysts - Vancouver, Canada

Elastic Path Software - A bootstrapped Vancouver company which makes eCommerce software for BIG companies. We're growing like mad and need smart, experienced Java devs.

We don't do telecommuting, but come check us out anyway, Vancouver is hard to beat as a place to live.


Web Engineer - Salt Lake City, UT

Piick is a new Social Recommendation startup. We're looking for a fourth member of our team. The site is written in Python and jQuery. Telecommuting is an option for the right hire. Our team previously grew a family-based social network startup to over 80 million users.

Send a resume, link to your github account or tech blog to me at allanca gmail com.

c# Web developer - London, UK

Senior JQuery, CSS, HTML developer - London, UK

Huddle are hiring in London - we're a .Net shop with rapidly growing user base, and we're currently expanding our dev team to work on our online collaboration system.

We're funded by Matrix, are the leading small company in our space, and are shooting for world domination.

www.huddle.net - mail jobs at huddle.net and tell them Bob sent you ;)

Heyzap is hiring engineers!



Heyzap: We work in the sweet (and challenging) spot where the social web meets online gaming. Everything we build has to work at scale and ship fast as we work in one of the hottest and fastest growing markets on the web.

Software Engineer - Long Island, NY

General Sentiment (http://www.generalsentiment.com)

Looking for a software engineer with a broad base of talents/interests to help improve our back-end systems. We currently use Hadoop, Cassandra, Amazon EC2

Send email to levon@generalsentiment.com if interested.

SF Bay Area


Join us in building the simplest, fastest, most reliable system for remotely accessing and sharing your desktop apps. From anywhere, with anyone.

We have hundreds of thousands of paying customers and we need your help to take that to millions.


Opzi - Engineer - Palo Alto, CA https://www.opzi.com/jobs

iOS[objc]/Android[java/scala]/Python Programmers - New York, USA

GameChanger (http://gamechanger.io) builds mobile apps for scorekeeping at youth & amateur live sports events, aggregates that data and turns it into a stream of hyper-local media. We're under 2 years old, have a growing base of thousands of teams, great bizdev deals coming together, and have gotten some crazy press so far (http://gamechanger.io/press).

We've won awards for our apps, and are building out a real-time delivery platform and attacking a huge market. We're MongoDB + Tornado + Django + raw Python & 0MQ/ZMQ on the back end, Obj-C and Java on the mobile side.

Send github link / code sample & resume to jobs@gamechanger.io. Oh, and at least like sports a little.

Anyone looking for someone that can do iPhone/iPad/Android application & game development freelance work?

Rails Developers - San Francisco


We are a print-on-demand publisher with an emphasis on high-quality products and great user experiences.

We've just been named #47 on this years Inc 500 list of fastest growing companies. We have a great group of folks - talk to us!


Google is hiring software engineers in engineering offices around the world: Mountain View, Seattle, New York City, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo, Waterloo, Zurich...

See: http://www.google.com/intl/en/jobs/swe/index.html

Fitbit in SF, CA (no telecommute).

We make web-enabled personal health devices. On the services side, we impl systems that crunch a lot of user health data to make sense of it.

-SW engineers (Java) -Web engineers (Javascript, HTML, CSS) -Firmware engineers (C, Assembly for MSP430 and ARM) -Electrical engineers

Engineer / Engineering Manager / Product Manager - San Francisco

yelp.com/careers -- Hiring across the engineering team.

Senior .Net Developer - St. Louis, MO USA

We've created a CRM solution sold to the Mortgage Industry. We're 5 years old with clients all over the US. We are a Microsoft shop using ASP .Net and SQL Server 2005.

We would require the employee to be located near St. Louis with occasional telecommuting possible.

Flex and / or Java Programmers - Any where in the USA - Telecommuting is required

I run a small independent consulting group and have multiple contracts I am looking to fill. The positions are with both small start-ups and large fortune 500.

Please email me for more details - hackernews at anvilflex.com

Python/Java/Flash - Atlanta, GA Turner Broadcasting System

We're looking for both entry-level and experienced developers to help in building out existing video frameworks (playback, transcoding, streaming, etc.) that support several large Internet properties. Contact info is in about.

[Junior]/Front-End Developers - Washington, DC, USA

We're hiring front-end developers at Webs!

We want people that match our passion for doing things the right way. Primarily an HTML/CSS/JS position, knowledge of Java/JSP and Rails are a plus.

Send me an email: daniel AT webs DOT com

Ruby dev - New York, NY

Hyperlocal news. Check out the description here: http://outside.in/jobs/ruby_software_engineer

Email me if you'd like to chat about it (or apply): chris@outside.in

Engineer and/or UX - Mountain View, CA

We're GazeHawk, we're solving difficult challenges with data visualization and eye tracking, looking for a web developer (our first hire).


FitPlan - (Downtown San Francisco) startup is looking for Ruby on Rails Engineers, very early stage, good team and product.

Editlift.com - (SF and Remote) is also looking for Ruby on Rails engineers, part time.

Email me steve.morin@gmail.com for more info

Groupon is hiring for multiple engineering positions in Palo Alto and Chicago. Take a look at our job board or contact me directly at my username at groupon.com if you are interested in doing anything tech related.

C#/.NET Engineers - Milwaukee, USA

My company is in the Milwaukee area and we have a significant need for strong C# .NET engineers. Telecommuting is not currently an option, but we offer some relo assistance on a case by case basis.

What company are you with? I live in Milwaukee and I'm not actively looking for a job right now, but I like to keep an eye on what kind of work is around.

Rails Guy (or Gal) with a Design Eye - Anywhere - FetLife.com


Here is the dillio for those who don't want to click on the link. :)


About FetLife In a very short time, FetLife has become the world’s most popular social network for kinky people. With over 540,000 members and over 150 million monthly pageviews, we’re only getting bigger, and fast.

FetLife is run by a bunch of geeks who just want to make a difference in this world by writing sexy code and designing intuitive interfaces. We thrive on making stuff that people love using. And we’re looking for people just like us to join our family.

If you want to work on a site that hundreds of thousands of people use religiously, and work with peers who take enormous pride in their work, there is probably no better family to join.

And it’s true, anyone can talk to the talk. But, we walk the walk. We contribute to open source. We speak at conferences. That’s just how we roll.

* http://fetlife.com/fetlife/open_source_projects * http://fetlife.com/fetlife/presentations

The 411 We are looking for someone to sit between, and complement, both James Golick (@jamesgolick) and I (@johnbaku) on the team. Someone whose sole focus would be to constantly improve FetLife. Own the vision with us and help us take features and improvements from paper all the way to implementation. Then once deployed, iterate over them because nothing is good enough for you.

Mad skillz needed You need to possess the following mad skills to join the FetLife family as an Rails Guy (or Gal) with a Design Eye:

* Ruby on Rails craftsman. Design patterns are your bitch. * HTML/CSS Standardista. Microformats, amirite? * Test-Driven zealot. You dream in RSpec. * Speaks fluent ruby. kinkster.virgin? ? “hey John!” : “John is so jealous!” * JQuery is your friend. Who needs any other. * Manager of One. We want a leader, not a yes man.

Bonus Points Bonus points goes to anyone who groks the following and/or has experience with:

* Open source contributor. We live and breathe OSS. * HTML Design Skillz. Put John to shame. * System Administration. rm -rf /

Take Note We are looking to only work with the bomb-diggity. Our peer. Someone who learns from us as much as we learn from them. Someone we’ll be proud to say is part of our family and who will play a large role in pushing FetLife forward. If you are not this person, please consider another position.

I am your homey, what next? Email us at jointhefamily+github@fetlife.com and tell us about yourself. Please make sure to include links to some of your best work. Warning, that John guy has a really weird sense of humour.

Art Director (UI expert), Chicago, Watermelon Express

Design UI for mobile, tablet and web apps

We are a venture backed education technology startup building cross-platform educational apps that are social, analytical and game-like.

http://couch.io/jobs we are looking for people to help build the next generation of the web.

We have people from around the world. Send us your github url.

Flipboard - SF Bay Area (Palo Alto) (no telecommuting)

Seeking awesome iOS or web developer who cares about design that works and building cool things.

[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@+hn@%@.com", @"charles", @"flipboard"]

EverydayHealth.com is hiring - Senior Level Backend .NET Engineers - SoHo, NYC..

Pretty much; MVC, C#, SQL Server, jQuery, WCF, messing with couch, memcached and lots of other stuff.

My email address is in my profile...

Just found out we're hiring a Senior Front End Engineer too :)


Anyone hiring in Brazil?

CPAP.com is looking for Web Developers (LAMP stack) - Houston, TX USA.

Data munging and integration with third party data sources. Strong raw SQL skills and a love of REST design required.

Web Developers / Ruby on Rails - Montevideo, Uruguay

Cubox SA www.cuboxsa.com builds cool websites for cool folks. We're bootstrapping in to building some awesome products. Join us.

Rails Developer - Chicago or SF, USA

CaptainU makes awesome applications to help high school athletes connect with college coaches. We have over 100k users, and are growing fast.

Nextbee.com is hiring an online marketing manager in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (or otherwise someone who can telecommute from home office)

Developer (Ruby) - Los Angles (telecommute for the right dev)

Funded startup in Los Angeles, launching soon, is looking for employee 0x1. Inquire within!

the BBC's Interactive Gaming team in Manchester, UK is hiring http://bit.ly/cRmfnI

Vimeo, NYC

We're looking for web app devs and a sysadmin. Specifics here: vimeo.com/jobs

It's a great place to work, and it's growing like mad.

zferral.com :: Looking for #3 and #4. Goal is to find another co-founder (or two). Both front & back-end. Email me.

remote is doable - prefer Midwest based.

Mertado.com, Palo Alto, CA

C programmer - Seattle, WA. Email me.

where do I email you? your profile does not seem to have your email address.

oops. ben at extrahop dot com.

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