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Zendar is hiring a Research Engineer in Berkeley
11 months ago | hide
About Zendar: Zendar is a Berkeley-based startup building the next generation high-resolution radar solution for autonomous vehicles. Current perception systems that solely rely on LiDAR and camera are unable to operate in bad weather conditions. Zendar is developing critical technology for autonomous vehicles to operate reliably in all weather conditions, such as heavy rain, fog, and snow.

About the Role: We are looking for a full time Research Engineer to join our radar imaging algorithms team. The candidate will contribute to the development of novel radar imaging algorithms.

Qualifications: MS or PhD in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Astronomy, or related field. Solid understanding of signal processing and optimization techniques. Experience with C++ and Python is required. Knowledge/familiarity of radar imaging, sensor fusion (GPS/INS with other sensors) is preferred.

What Else We Have to Offer: An opportunity to work in a team with deep experience in autonomous perception. Convenient location in West Berkeley. Free and nearby parking. Daily catered lunches. Unlimited vacation. Competitive salary, benefits and equity.

If you are interested, please send your resume to jobs@zendar.io

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