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> I guess then either your frontenders need to learn your backend stack

Why would frontenders need to learn the backend stack? Do you even know what REST is?

Riddle me this: what happens when frontend developers need data not exposed by the GraphQL schema? Do the need to learn the backend stuff as well? If not, why would they need that for REST?

> satisfying problems for the backenders to work on. Certainly more so than adding/removing fields from serialisers.

Because GraphQL automagically knows how serialize-deserialize any schema, riiiight.

> but the world I exist in involves stakeholders constantly wanting minor changes

So. How do you deal with those changes? Oh, let me see: you change schemas, you write new serializers/deserializers etc.

> development is constantly blocking because of frontend/backend blockers on our “rest” api and capacity on either side being wasted at various times because of that blocking.

For some reason you blame your failing processes on technology. Fix the process.

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