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Ask HN: Best way to spend $1k on hardware to impress visitors?
3 points by estomagordo 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments
My manager has a budget for "directed playing around", that is, purchasing tech things for us devs to play around with. It doesn't have to result in anything in particular, but it would be nice if we could improve life around the office somehow, and also impress visitors.

The types of hardware we're looking at is definitely RPi and similar, with or without peripherals. But smaller IoT:ey stuff is also interesting.

I'm struggling to think of the killer app, the very cool application we should gather around. Any ideas?

I'm stuck on Raspberry Pi, camera, and using Tensor Flow for something. Probably facial recognition. But it feels _very_ unoriginal.

I've seen instructions to build a noise traffic light. Basically turns red when the noise level is over a threshold. I found that useful in an office environment. Bonus if you can hook that up to a real life-size traffic light.

That's really quite cool.

Very cool!

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