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I'm interested in knowing your secret to finding inferior new things interesting.

I didn't post that, but I can tell you mine. It's reflecting to myself, "Maybe I'm the asshole."

The new thing sucks. Or am I having a knee-jerk reaction to something unfamiliar? Maybe I'm the asshole.

The new thing falls short of the old thing. Or does it have different goals from the old thing? Maybe I'm the asshole.

Whoever made the decision to put the new thing in my path are out of touch and don't understand what I do or how the old thing helped. Or have they seen something that I don't see yet? Maybe I'm the asshole.

Sometimes I'm the asshole. Never entertaining the possibility that one is the asshole is what makes one the asshole.

Often times it is inferior, because you are acutely missing things it does not have, but did not yet learned to use things it does have effectively.

So, the secret is to be alone in a room, so you can swear freely. Walk around when angry and complain to yourself. But always go back and continue using it and eventually, that phase will pass. After that you will build new set of habits that work around disadvantages and use advantages.

This just seems like being around something awful long enough that you develop a form of stockholm syndrome.

Unless of course your perception that it is "objectively" awful is not objective at all. The "awful" categorization is oftentimes just your emotional reaction to not understanding something immediately and not knowing how to use it effectively.

I would add one more thing - even if the technology is objectively awful, it is worth learning if it serves some practical purpose. Learning something is not value judgement of its objective quality, it should be in part rational choice.

Step one: stop considering them inferior, since something inferior cannot be interesting by definition.

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