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why does a keyboard shortcuts extension need to collect any data in the first place?

I assume the same reason any app has analytics - so you can work out how users are using it and improve the app based on that information

If you're developing a keyboard shortcuts extension, would you rather have an idea about how the product is being used or stay completely in the dark? Which do you think would help you more in developing new features?

If you care about having users at all, it would be wiser not to antagonize them by send their information to third parties.

So you would rather know nothing about how users are using your product, rather than risk offending the subset of users that are vehemently against telemetry?

There's a simple and polite way to learn that - just ask some of them.

I don't think very many users would go out of their way to be vehemently pro-telemetry either. It's indistinguishable from spying. Most people just shrug off their own inability to counter it and carry on with their lives, that's why marketers and other scum are able to get away with it. But it's certainly not in the users' best interest - I sincerely hope you have that interest at heart.

I do, and telemetry definitely has a place in my mind to help achieve that. I'm sure you will call me scum or something worse, but I sincerely hope that you can see that maybe it's not as black and white as you see it.

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