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Ask HN: Any interest in TL;DW versions of YC videos?
35 points by on1200s 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments
I'm a big fan of all the videos that YC puts out on it's YouTube channel. I do some video editing on the side. Would you guys be interested in TL;DW versions of YC videos? Short 2-5 mins summaries with just the highlights.

In all honesty I'd prefer a writeup than a shorter video. I'm ok with watching video and can have them on in the background and tune in to the highlights. The problem comes in where I've not got access to sound (work PC), I don't want to dedicated my device to watching videos (mobile), or I have limited data capabilities (commuting)

I know there's transcripts available for most things if not all but they run a touch long too for most situations.. I think just to be annoying my personal ideal would be the transcripts of the highlights

Writing up the high points into a few bullets, with timestamps and links to that point in the video would let people understand the content, and watch very specific sections if we wanted to hear the actual words. I'd recommend that approach instead of a short summary.

Yup timestamped links TLDRs like indie hackers does would be sick! (But I think you could improve on their site design a bit in terms of how those links work)

This makes a lot of sense. My worry will be how manual linking to timestamps will be but then again video editing is manual as well :)

I used to do this with the transcripts, as well as translating PG's essays into my native language. They were extremely popular. Just posting them on Facebook goes viral about a quarter of the time. I would highly recommend it.

Hacking videos to be more efficient is always a good idea. I hate when people take 5 minutes to explain something that could be said in 30 seconds with proper editing and planning. Go for it.

There was one by Peter Theil where the whole thing could have been summarized into "Make a monopoly that doesn't look like a monopoly. E.g. Google claims to be an advertising company."

It's not easy to summarize as a 5 min video as the entire video was an elaboration of this concept. But it's easy to summarize into a couple of sentences.

video speed controller chrome extensions has been a great addition. Shortens videos by speeding them up and skip freely.

I generally skim through first by jumping 20secs ea, then rewind if I find anything interesting. And if the pace is too slow I 5x.

I learned that if you access the html5 youtube player you can actually change the speeds.


The other hack I was thinking about playing around with is removing silences, or long pauses, ummms, etc.

Yes. That will be really helpful

Yes! That would be most helpful.

Sounds amazing.

Yes, please!

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