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Use Terraform to manage records. They have support for lots of DNS providers (AWS Route53, Google Cloud DNS, Cloudflare, DigitalOcean, Azure DNS, DYN, DNSMadeEasy, NS1, UltraDNS, PowerDNS).

I switched to Terraform + CloudFlare for managing my DNS entries and I absolutely love it. No more messing around with web pages, change a line in a file and you're done. Fantastic.

Warning: I have made services inaccessible by deploying before making sure the git repo I was working from was the latest version. That's the downside of stateless deployments!

Did you do a deploy before a plan? ;)

We've all been there!

No I did the plan and then didn't look at it at all and did the deploy :P

Moving a domain between providers is quite disruptive.

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